Fix Pokémon Home Error Code 10015

Pokemon Home Pikachu surprised at inventory after Error Code 10015

Pokemon Home Pikachu surprised at inventory after Error Code 10015

Pokémon trainers who have updated their Pokémon Home to the 2.0.0 version have recently been facing error code 10015. This error can be really frustrating and will affect those moving and trading their Pokemon. If you are also experiencing this error, no need to worry; you’re not alone, and it’s fixable.

What Is Error Code 10015 Causes

Error Code 10015 is an annoying error that pops up when you’re trying to transfer Pokémon. It prevents you from moving your Pokémon wherever you want. This error can pop up for a couple of reasons; some of the reasons are as follows:

  • Possible Hacked Pokémon: If Pokémon Home thinks there’s something suspicious about your Pokémon, like if it’s hacked or illegal, it will stop the transfer.
  • Older Pokemon Home Version: If your Pokemon Home version is not current, it might not recognize new Pokémon and consider them illegal.
  • Connection Issues: Sometimes, a bad internet connection or server problems might be the reason for the pop-up of Error Code 10015.

While hacked Pokémon or something of the sort might be the cause, in the majority of cases, this is directly the fault on the developer's end and has not been resolved.

How to Fix the Error Error Code 10015

Here’s what you can do to fix Error Code 10015:

  • Restart Pokémon Home: Sometimes, just turning the app off and on again helps in such cases.
  • Clear Your Cache: This helps get rid of any old, conflicting data that might be causing issues.
  • Reinstall Pokémon Home: If all else fails, delete and reinstall the app. Your Pokémon and information are secure as they are linked to your Nintendo ID.
  • Update Pokémon Home: Updating Pokemon Home will add all new Pokémon since its last update to its library, making it recognize all legal Pokemon.
  • Check Your Pokémon: Make sure you’re not trying to transfer any Pokémon that are not legit. If you have an illegal Pokémon, you should release it.

If you’ve tried everything and you’re still seeing that error, the support team at Pokémon Home might be your last resort. Since they are experts, they can guide you and help you with all sorts of problems.

To prevent this error code from coming back in the future, you should trade carefully, as many people intentionally trade illegal Pokémon. So, try to trade with people you trust, and avoid Pokémon that might be hacked. Additionally, you should also keep your Pokémon Home app up to date.

After applying these fixes, hopefully, you can get back to trading and organizing your Pokémon without any difficulty.

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