How to use the PlayStation Portal touchpad

PlayStation Portal touchpad use - An image of the PS Portal laid on a table

PlayStation Portal touchpad use - An image of the PS Portal laid on a table

Sony's latest innovation, the PlayStation Portal, initially known as Project Q, is finally in the hands of gamers. However, a common challenge many are facing is understanding how to use the PlayStation Portal touchpad.

The PlayStation Portal doesn't have a physical touchpad; instead, it uses the touchscreen to simulate one. This virtual touchpad is somewhat less intuitive, and some of its functions differ from those of a standard touchpad. For PS5 games that rely heavily on touchpad interactions, mastering the virtual touchpad is essential, so we are here to help.

In this guide, we'll delve into the nuances of the PlayStation Portal's touchpad, providing clear instructions and tips to trigger different functionalities effectively.

How to use the PlayStation Portal touchpad

The PlayStation Portal touchpad is activated by placing a thumb on either side of the touchscreen. You can activate touchpads on both sides of the screen by placing your thumbs on both the left and right sides simultaneously.

To register a standard input on the PlayStation Portal's touchpad, a double-tap (quick one) is required, which is different from the usual single-tap norm of traditional touchpads. For dragging, a single tap followed by a finger drag across the touchscreen suffices.

If you perform a double tap but hold down on the second tap, the touchpad glows, mimicking a touchpad hold in the DualSense controller. While the timing for this action can be a bit challenging initially, it becomes more intuitive with practice.

PlayStation Portal touchpad not working properly?

If the PlayStation Portal touchpad is not working properly, try focusing your taps towards the centre of the touchpad area. Additionally, experiment with the pressure of your taps - try both light and hard taps to see which works more effectively for you.

Also, it's important to determine if the touchpad issue is specific to a particular game. For instance, there have been reports of touchpad problems in Alan Wake 2, suggesting that the issue may be with the game itself rather than the PlayStation Portal's touchpad.

And that covers everything about the PlayStation Portal touchpad. While you are here, take a moment to learn how to fix PlayStation Portal lag and check out the battery life and charge time of the PS Portal.

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