Payday 3 release time - when can you play it?

Payday 3 release time - characters on building

Payday 3 release time - characters on building

Ready to don on your masks and get out to commit heists? Indeed, the third chapter in Starbreeze studios' famous series is upon us. But many have been wondering about the Payday 3 release time, when can we play it exactly? Let's find out.

We also already know that Payday 3 will have DLC. Titled "The Bad Apple," Payday 3's first-year roadmap covers the period from September 2023 to September 2024..

But we want to know all about when we can access the game. So let's dive into the Payday 3 release time and find out.

When does Payday 3 go live?

For early access players, Payday 3 launched on September 18 at 08:00 PDT. A general release is planned for September 21, at 8:00 PDT or 17:00 CEST in Europe.

Obviously, a full global launch will follow three days later at the same time. The times have been shared on the official X Payday 3 account.

Payday 3 release time - timetable
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This mean that there is little time left to wait for most players. We will finally see what new and exciting features Starbreeze studios have added to the third chapter in the series.

How to play Payday 3 early

In order to play Payday 3 early, you'll have to buy one of the special digital editions available on the stores. They are as follows:

  • Payday 3 Silver Edition (Digital): $69.99
  • Payday 3 Gold Edition (Digital): $89.99

It seems that buying the game in its Standard physical (or digital) edition does not grant early access. Not even the quite expensive Collector's Edition includes it, so you will be out of luck in that case as well.

As for Xbox Game Pass owners, they will have the opportunity to play the game when it launches, as it will be included in the service. But, there will be no early access included, again. Therefore, if you want to play it early you'll have to get at least the Silver edition.

How to pre-load Payday 3

Pre-loading the game will be available on both Xbox, PS5 and PC, but in this last case only if you're using the Xbox app. Pre-load will not be available on those who have purchased the game on Steam, apparently, so they will have to install on the day (and time) the game becomes available.

That's all we have for you on the Payday 3 release time. For more tips and tricks on the game, check out our guides on Payday 3 stealth build and how to hack.

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