Payday 3 crossplay - can you play Crossplatform?

Payday 3 crossplay

Payday 3 crossplay

Time to plan your next string of heists, Payday 3 is coming out on September 21, 2023. It's been a decade since the last Payday game came out so fans can't help but wonder - what about Payday 3 crossplay?

Cooperative multiplayer has always been the bread and butter of the Payday series. With the third installment being released on several platforms, incorporating crossplay will open plenty of doors for players.

Let's find out if Payday 3 will let you commit felonies with your friends on different gaming systems.

Does Payday 3 support crossplay?

Yes, Payday 3 does support crossplay. This is done by playing the game while logging into your Starbreeze account. This is an easy way to allow all players - on Steam, PlayStation and Xbox consoles - to play together.

The Payday 3 official site has a FAQs page that confirms that crossplay will be available across all platforms. Payday games normally require you to play the game with a group of 4 people. With crossplay now available, the recruitment process is definitely much faster.

The option to play through the game in single-player mode is also there in case you're not up to dealing with random people on the internet, but know that a huge part of Payday's appeal comes from the unpredictable nature of playing with others.

Does Payday 3 support cross-platform progression?

Yes, Payday 3 does support cross-platform progression. This can also be done by logging directly into your Starbreeze account.

Next time, you're playing the game but decide you want to keep playing while lying down, then by all means save your game and pick right back up on your Steam Deck. You can do this between any of the platforms where Payday 3 is available, so PlayStation 5, Xbox and PC.

This feature is also confirmed on the official Payday 3 FAQs page. You can also find other details about the game on that page, such as the characters available at launch and how microtransactions will be handled.

And that's pretty much it on Payday 3 supporting crossplay. If you're looking to play the game on PC, you can check out our post on its system requirements.

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