Payday 3 - can you take the mask off?

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Can you take the mask off - picture of the Payday gang and their masks
Credit: Starbreeze

Can you take the mask off in Payday 3? Many players asked this question because they’re intrigued by the possible outcome of the heisters getting unmasked. On the other hand, other players are wondering if it’s possible to take off the masks and wear different accessories.

Players are also speculating if Payday 3 characters will get unmasked during the game’s cutscenes. The unmasking seems intriguing for players, especially those who haven’t seen the Payday heisters’ faces yet.

So, can you take the mask off in Payday 3 and wear a different headgear? We’ll show you the answer based on the information that we’ve gathered.

Can you take the mask off in Payday 3?

As of this writing, there’s still no confirmation if it’s possible to take the mask off in Payday 3. However, based on the cosmetic system of Payday 2, Payday 3 might not have an unmasking mechanic.

Payday 3’s masks are more than just cosmetic pieces. Rather, they signify the identities of the Payday heisters and the general branding of the franchise. Payday fans are even debating which mask is more stylish. Nevertheless, we believe that the Technician’s mask ranks first in the style department.

Still, it’s possible for the heisters to get unmasked during cutscenes. As Payday 3’s release date draws close, Starbreeze Studios might release new information or game footage that shows the possibility of unmasking in cutscenes.

Mask removal through inventory might also be possible in Payday 3 because the game offers various masks through microtransactions and pre-order bonuses. After all, Payday players are always excited about new cosmetic options and weapon skins.


Are you excited to see if it’s possible to remove the mask of any Payday 3 heister? Well, you should be excited even more to take off the mask in Payday 3 VR! However, check Payday 3 system requirements first to see if your PC can run the game.

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