How to fix the Palworld Production Assembly Line not working issue

Palworld Production Assembly Line not working - An image of Pals working in a production line

In Palworld, the Production Assembly Line 2 is a crucial structure for crafting weapons and high-quality gear. However, if your Palworld Production Assembly Line is not working correctly, fear not - we've compiled a list of effective fixes shared by the Palworld community to get your production back on track.

As a relatively new entrant in the gaming world, Palworld, like many games in their nascent stages, faces a range of teething issues. These challenges are evident in several aspects of the game, such as breeding not working as intended, glitches with the primitive furnace, and scenarios where Pals become upset and refuse to perform tasks.

In this guide, we'll explore player-tested solutions to address the common issue of the Palworld Production Assembly Line not working effectively. These tips come directly from the experiences of players who have navigated similar challenges, providing practical and proven strategies to help you overcome these obstacles in the game.

How to fix the Production Assembly Line not working issue in Palworld

To fix the issue of the Production Assembly Line not working issue in Palworld, try removing the foundations and placing the assembly line directly on the ground, as recommended by this Reddit user. The elevation or the type of surface the assembly line is placed on can affect the Pals' ability to interact with it.

Another player had success by adding stairs to the edges of the platforms they were using, even if it was just a single step. This seemed to facilitate the Pals' movement and access to the assembly line. Additionally, ensuring clear and large pathways around the assembly line can help prevent the Pals from getting stuck.

Another suggestion from a Reddit user is to avoid placing workbenches and forges indoors. According to this user's discovery, these crafting stations need to be placed outdoors for the Pals to start working on them. While you can use foundations, enclosing these stations within walls hinders the Pals' ability to interact with them.

So to summarise, here are the steps you can take to resolve the production assembly line not working issue in Palworld:

  • Try placing the Production Assembly Line directly on the ground instead of on elevated surfaces or foundations.
  • Incorporate stairs at the edges of platforms and ensure clear, large pathways around the Production Assembly Line.
  • Place workbenches and forges outdoors. Pals may not work on stations that are enclosed within walls, even if they are on foundations.

Note that these solutions are player-suggested workarounds and may not work in all scenarios. Now that the issue of the Production Assembly Line not working issue in Palworld is resolved (hopefully), check out how to fix other common issues in the game, including the multiplayer session error and the EOS Login error.

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