Overwatch 2 "Error starting game" - how to fix matchmaking error

Overwatch 2 error starting game - picture of Overwatch 2 characters
Credit: Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 error starting game - picture of Overwatch 2 characters
Credit: Overwatch 2

Are you having a hard time playing Overwatch 2 due to the "error starting game" bug? Well, you and hundreds of other players faced such an error! This error can prevent you from grinding Overwatch 2 matches, leading to annoyance and pure gaming rage.

Players have also encountered another annoying issue such as Overwatch 2 installation error. Just like the "error starting game" bug, the installation error has several easy solutions.

Let's take a look at the possible causes of Overwatch 2 starting game error and some solutions.

What is Overwatch 2 "Error starting game"?

The Overwatch 2 "Error starting game" issue happens during the matchmaking process when attempting to start a game with a full team. Players are unable to start a game altogether due to this error.

One common issue related to the "Error starting game" bug is file corruption. It's possible that Overwatch 2's internal files were corrupted by viruses, faulty startup errors, and software conflicts.

Another potential issue is outdated graphics drivers. If your graphics drivers are outdated, they'll have conflicts with Overwatch 2 files, thus affecting the usual game startup process.

How to fix Overwatch 2 "Error starting game" issue

You can fix Overwatch 2's startup error by applying some easy solutions. Don't worry - these solutions can be done without third-party programs or complicated commands.

Here are the solutions for Overwatch 2's "error starting game" bug:

  • Ensure that the game is updated: Since Overwatch 2 is an online game, it requires consistent updates. Make sure that you update Overwatch 2 from the Battle.net launcher to ensure that all game files are legitimate.
  • Update your graphics drivers: Open your graphics interface and select the prompt to update. Do not get graphics drivers from unknown or scrupulous websites.
  • Repair Overwatch 2 files: Open the Battle.net launcher, go to Settings, and choose 'Scan and Repair.' This action will attempt to repair any broken Overwatch 2 files.
  • Reinstall the game: Sometimes, the client-based repair process couldn't fix all corrupted files. In this case, you just have to reinstall the game. Make sure that you only get Overwatch 2 from the official Blizzard Entertainment page.

If the solutions above couldn't fix the "error starting game" bug, you can reach out to Blizzard Entertainment's support page. Alternatively, you can also visit Blizzard's Twitter account for additional information.

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