How to Save Game in No Rest for the Wicked

No Rest for the Wicked player standing in front of rock formation
Credit: Moon Studios

No Rest for the Wicked player standing in front of rock formation
Credit: Moon Studios

Knowing how to save game in No Rest for the Wicked is essential information to keep in mind to keep your progress saved.

Like every game, players need to save their progress somehow. In No Rest for the Wicked, this process is a bit frustrating. Given the nature of the game, saving the game becomes very important.

This guide makes this process easier for you to understand. Here is how you can protect your hard work in a matter of minutes.

How to Save in No Rest for the Wicked

Here is how you can save the game in No Rest for the Wicked:

The Cerim Whisper

Forget the traditional menus and save points. In No Rest for the Wicked, your help comes in the form of ethereal blue light. In the game, this blue light is known as Cerim Whispers that act as checkpoints. They are scattered throughout the open world map. You must look for these carefully, as they can be hard to spot.

Once you spot one, it’s very easy to interact with a Cerim Whisper. Here is what you’ll need to do:

  • Approach the blue wisp.
  • Look for the on-screen prompt (Usually ‘Y’ on the Controller)
  • Interact with the Whisper (A confirmation will appear, and the blue light will turn into a white whirlpool icon).
  • This indicates that the game has been saved successfully.

Why are No Rest for the Wicked Cerim Whispers Important?

There are two reasons why these blue wisps matter in No Rest for the Wicked:

Manual Saves

In the game, there is no automatic save feature. This means players can lose their progress if they don’t save the game manually. The Cerim Whisper is the only way to save the game and protect all your hard work.

Develop a habit of saving frequently, especially before you visit uncharted territories or fight a deadly enemy.

Respawn Points

In case you meet an early exit during your conquest. You won’t be sent all the way back to the beginning. With the help of the Cerim Whisper, you can establish respawn points. The last saved Cerim Whisper will act as your safety net and save you from any inconvenience.

Exploring Every Corner of The Map

While the Cerim Whispers are not hidden secrets, they aren’t always available along the main path. Make sure to explore off the beaten track. Here are a few tips for finding them:

  • Keep an eye out for the Blue Glow: Have a look at your map, once you interact with a Cerim Whisper, it will automatically be marked as a white whirlpool, this makes it easier to locate.
  • Don’t be afraid to backtrack: If you haven’t found a single Whisper during your run, put on the reverse gear and retrace your steps as you might have missed it.

Exiting The Game

Although the process of manually saving the game may seem frustrating, the game still offers a slight convenience when exiting the game. Instead of relying solely on Cerim Whispers, when you choose to exit the game, you will eventually relaunch from the same point you quit.

This process does fail sometimes, due to glitches or errors. It is recommended to use the Cerim Whispers as a backup. Additionally, if your equipment has broken, you can also repair it in the game.

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