No Rest for the Wicked - everything you need to know

No Rest for the Wicked player holding sword with soldiers in background
Credit: Moon Studios

No Rest for the Wicked player holding sword with soldiers in background
Credit: Moon Studios

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The No Rest for the Wicked release date is catching the attention of many players looking for the next big action RPG game.

One of the most anticipated aspects of No Rest for the Wicked is its visually striking worlds, where players can immerse themselves in a world of mystery, danger, and many more unexplored adventures.

The complete game is scheduled to be released later in 2024, which sparks excitement among the gaming community as they look forward to it, but there's more waiting to be discovered. Let's take a closer look at every piece of information you need to know before the release of No Rest for the Wicked.

No Rest for the Wicked release date

No Rest for the Wicked is gearing up for its debut on Steam Early Access for PC players starting on April 18, 2024. But if you're on Xbox Series S/X or PlayStation 5, you'll have to hang tight until the Early Access phase wraps up.

However, if you jump in during Early Access, you'll seamlessly upgrade to the full version when it drops without spending extra. As for the official release date after Early Access, well, it's still a bit of a mystery.

No Rest for the Wicked platforms

No Rest for the Wicked will be available on Steam, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S, but the developers haven't spilt the beans on when Xbox or PlayStation players can join the fun. If you're eager to get into the action, mark your calendar for April 18 when the early access period kicks off, but here's the catch: it's PC exclusive for now. So, console gamers will have to wait until the full version drops.

No Rest for the Wicked early access

No Rest for the Wicked is hitting Steam Early Access with a discounted price compared to its full release. On day one, get ready for a whole chapter of the campaign, extra quests, tough boss battles, loads of weapons and gear, and even the ability to build up your own home.

Plus, there are daily and weekly challenges to keep you hooked. And that's just the beginning! Moon Studios has ambitious plans for the full release, including multiplayer modes, additional story chapters, and new regions to explore. So, get ready for an adventure that promises to evolve and improve over time.

No Rest for the Wicked story and gameplay


In the world of No Rest for the Wicked, it's the year 841, and you step into the shoes of a Cerim, a holy warrior dedicated to wiping out the Pestilence in Isola Sacra. But trouble grows as rumors regarding the return of plague right after the King's demise, become true.

Just as you set out to investigate, you're ambushed by rebels called the Risen. With no gears, you wake up on Isola Sacra's shores and are set out on a journey of redemption.


In gameplay, you will expect intense combat similar to role-playing games, where you'll dodge and parry attacks while managing your Stamina. Beyond the battles, there's a glimpse of peaceful activities like fishing and woodcutting, hinting at a deeper crafting and cooking system that could play a crucial role in your adventure.

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