How to use Umbrella in Nightingale

Nightingale umbrella screenshot
Credit: Inflexion Games

Nightingale umbrella screenshot
Credit: Inflexion Games

An umbrella is one of the handy tools that can really come in the clutch to protect yourself in various ways as you take on different challenges during your bold quest. You can follow a series of steps to obtain it, and then you'll have to figure out how to use an umbrella in Nightingale next.

The Umbrella permits short glides, you can traverse sprawling landscapes efficiently once you master how to use it. Just remember, using the umbrella can drain your stamina.

All things considered, the umbrella remains one practical feature you need to make use of. But, before we share more, be sure to check out our guide showcasing how Charms work and how to craft Stone Blocks.

How to get Umbrella in Nightingale

Before anything gets going, you can get the Umbrella quite early during gameplay. Chances are you skipped it because the game doesn't explicitly provide directives on how to get it.

During Nightingale's tutorial, you'll be directed to the desert, then to the third realm, which is the swamp biome. You'll spot tall towers close by that you'll need to climb.

There are chests perched atop these towers; you can find the Umbrella within one of them.

Simple Umbrella screenshot
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But it didn't come without some struggles. Keep your guard up as there are predators that will attack you along the way and you need to prevent the spread of disease when crossing the water.

How to use Umbrella in Nightingale

You can briefly glide using the umbrella by pressing either the Spacebar or the F key on your keyboard. To make this work, you need to hold the umbrella in your other hand.

The umbrella gives you an edge, but you still need to carefully handle your stamina to avoid being exposed or at risk. You need to refrain from jumping off any great heights if your stamina is low.

You can keep gliding as long as your stamina bar isn't depleted. While you're gliding, you'll stay airborne until your stamina runs out and needs to be replenished.

To make the most of your experience in gliding around, changing it to the third person refines the view. The umbrella won't deter enemies, but it will protect you from weather elements such as the sun and rain.
After reading this guide, you should now feel comfortable using Umbrella in Nightingale. If you encounter any troubleshooting, you might want to learn how to fix Nightingale crashing issues.

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