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Nightingale release date - player fighting an enemy with a mallet

Nightingale release date - player fighting an enemy with a mallet

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Do you have what it takes to become a Realmwalker? Well, there's not much left to wait to find out. That's what you will doing in Inflexion Games' latest title. But when is the Nightingale release date, and what platforms is it releasing on? Let's find out.

The game will feature heavily open world survival craft, much like other classic games in the genre such as Rust and Dying Light 2.

But we're here to talk about a certain Realmwalker game, so let's dive deep into all we know about Nightingale.

Nightingale release date

The game is launching on Steam early access on 22 Feburary, 2024. The developers will first do a server stress test on the 2nd of February, but then once that test is successful, they will let players get in on the action.

In late February, you will be free to get in on PVE action and explore the open world of Nightingale, where you can choose to play alone or also with friends.

Nightingale trailer

But now let's take a look at the trailer and see what awaits us.

In the trailer, we can see some striking art style, with Victorian-era fashion clashing with huge monsters attacking. We also get a glimpse at some of the crafting gameplay, as well as some of the combat. There are definitely some exciting moments in there.

Nightingale platforms

So far, we know that Nightingale is launching only on PC, where it will be available on the Epic Game Store and on Steam, but still that doesn't mean that console players are going to be left out for long. We are pretty sure that, at some point down the early access road, the developers are going to plan a console release as well. We are going to update this guide as soon as we know more.

For more info on games similar to Nightingale, take a look at similar games such as ARK Ascended or Rust.

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