Nightingale Lineage Explained

lineage settings nightingale
Credit: Inflexion Games

lineage settings nightingale
Credit: Inflexion Games

Nightingale is an intriguing survival game set in the Victorian era with a touch of fantasy and knowing about Nightingale Lineage is essential information.

Additionally, they’ll need to focus on other interesting features of the game, such as resource collection, quest completion, and passing different challenges.

To add more depth to the gameplay, developers Inflexion Games have introduced a novel concept: Lineage. Through this system, players can customise their characters and trace their bloodline. Many players are fascinated by the concept of Lineage as it helps them understand their character's background.

While many players are enjoying this feature, other game enthusiasts are curious about how the Lineage system will impact their gameplay. To know more about Lineage features and how they will affect your adventure in the faerie realm, go through this detailed guide.

What is the Nightingale Lineage system?

Similar to the real-world concept, Nightingale's Lineage provides information regarding the character's background.

It also lets players select their character’s ancestors including their parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents allowing them to build their family tree. This family tree will help players to customise their characters according to their ancestors.

How to Access and Use Lineage

Players can access the Lineage option under the Ancestry. Once they’ve navigated to Ancestry, players will see three options:

  • Story which reveals the background information of the character,
  • Lineage which helps the players build their family tree, and
  • Inheritance which allows players to modify their character accordingly.

Once players have selected the Lineage option, a new menu will appear. This menu will display several pre-made characters in Nightingale. Players can select a mother and father as parents. Additionally, they can also select their grandparents and great-grandparents within this system. After choosing your ancestors, move to the Inheritance option to customize your character.

In the Inheritance menu, players will see a box with a slider. Move the slider in any direction to change the facial features of your character, restructuring the nose, bones, and mouth. Players have complete freedom to personalize their character according to their will. The character you create will resemble the characters you have selected in the family tree.

Remember players can also customize their character manually in the Nightingale.

How Lineage Affects the Story in Nightingale

Lineage helps players understand their character’s background and develop their looks. Apart from the looks, it does not affect the ongoing storyline. So it is just an alternative way for the players to change their character's look and does not have any impact on the ongoing story.

Lineage makes the game more interesting by introducing players to their ancestry and enabling them to customize their appearance. While it allows the player to personalize and customize their character, for now, Lineage remains a feature that does not change the game’s storyline. Furthermore, if you're just starting out your journey, you may want to read How to Save Progress in Nightingale and Does Nightingale Have Cheats?

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