How to increase inventory space in Nightingale

Nightingale character wearing a backpack

Nightingale character wearing a backpack

Need help figuring out how to increase inventory space in Nightingale? This guide will help you store more of those precious resources during your stay in the Fae Realms.

While you’re out exploring the land and battling mythical creatures, pick up a variety of different items and materials such as fuel and Essence Dust. However, as soon as you start Nightingale, you will already have one of the most important resources in the game – inventory space.

Managing inventory space is rarely a fun thing in any sort of game, but it is an important aspect of survival games like Nightingale. So to help you address potential storage issues, let’s go ahead and find out how to increase your Nightingale inventory space.

Nightingale characters working on a building
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How to increase Nightingale inventory space

To expand your inventory, you will need to make a backpack for your character. You can start making backpacks after you’ve created a Simple Sewing Bench. This can be done fairly early on in the game.

The Simple Sewing Bench can be made with 10 Wood Bundles, 15 Fibres, and one Bone after purchasing the recipe from an Essence Trader. These traders don’t like to stay in one spot for too long so be sure to keep your eye out for them.

Once your Sewing Bench is ready to go, you can make a Simple Pack with two Leather and six Plant Fibres. This backpack will increase your maximum carrying weight by 50 kg and has a level 20 gear score. As you progress further into the game, you will be able to upgrade crafting benches and create backpacks of higher quality.

And that’s our guide on how to increase your inventory space in Nightingale. While you’re here, you may also be interested in our guides on how to split stacks and how to repair items for even better inventory management.

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