How to use Nightingale Charms

players standing nightingale
Credit: Inflexion Games

players standing nightingale
Credit: Inflexion Games

For fans of survival games, Inflexion Games brings you Nightingale. An amazing game that allows players to experience a serene environment where death lurks in every corner. To survive, knowing how to use Nightingale

Furthermore, Nightingale has amazing aesthetics. Players will come across several enemies and will have to complete different quests along the way. The best thing? It can be played solo or with friends.

In Nightingale, players will stumble upon several resources that will help them craft even more powerful tools and equipment. They will also need weapons to combat the creatures that desire to eat them alive. Resources such as Charms can help players when times get rough. Here’s how you can use them to progress in the game.

What are Nightingale's charms?

Charms are like perks that players can apply to the items they carry in Nightingale. These charms help in various situations that can help players avoid obstacles during the gameplay. Granted, not every charm will be helpful. They can still come in handy as the environment of the game varies from time to time.

How to use Nightingale charms

Using charms for the first time can be a bit confusing for players. They are available in the inventory but can’t be used till the player progresses in the game. Here is how players can use them:


The first step in applying the charms is to open the inventory and from there pick out the charm that you want to use. However, it is important to keep in mind that before opting to use it, you must take a look at the description and see what each one has to offer.

After carefully taking a look at the benefits, players can apply them. They can be used with nearly everything that is in the inventory. This is mostly because charms can be used with items of uncommon or of a better rarity.

To use a Charm, right-click on it and then press “Apply”. From here the game will ask you to choose the weapon or gear you want the charm to work with. Once done, the charm will be applied and players can enjoy the benefits. Players can obtain charms by helping out the NPCs or by completing quests. They can also be looted from random chests that Spawn across the map.

Removing charms

These charms can not be removed from a weapon or gear, however they can be replaced. To replace a charm, simply right-click and apply it to the weapon or gear you want. Sadly the old charm will be forever gone, but now players will have an upgrade.

Hopefully, this guide has managed to answer your queries regarding Charms in Nightingale. If you've just started playing, you might also be interested in Nightingale Realm difficulty settings and How to craft Wood Bundles.

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