How to fish in Nightingale

2 Nightingale characters standing in front of a sea in nightingale with a pet
Credit: Inflexion Games

2 Nightingale characters standing in front of a sea in nightingale with a pet
Credit: Inflexion Games

The players go through an epic survival journey on different realms while playing Nightingale, where the survival of the players depends on their resourcefulness and adaptability.

Similar to other survival games, Nightingale also includes players gathering food resources and cooking them into nutritious recipes which provides stamina and restores the health of the players.

Fish are one of the primary food sources in Nightingale and can be cooked in several nutritious recipes. However, players must first craft a Fishing Rod to catch these sea creatures. To craft a Fishing Rod, players will need to obtain its blueprint first from the Essence Traders and then gather the desired resources.

Nevertheless, Nightingale comprises multiple realms and to obtain the Fishing Rod recipe, players will need to look for its specific trader. Save your time and go through this guide because this will help players craft a fishing rod and capture fish quickly.

How to craft Nightingale Fishing Rod

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Similar to the real world, players can capture fish by using the Fishing Rod in Nightingale. However, players must craft their Fishing Rods from scratch. Firstly players will need to acquire its blueprints from the Essence Traders. Essence Traders are NPCs present in every realm. For the Fishing Rod blueprints, players will need to visit the trader present in Abeyance Realm.

These traders work as dealers, so make sure you have enough Essence Dust in exchange for the blueprints. After acquiring the blueprints, you will need to get a few resources to craft the fishing rod which includes:

  • Wood Bundle 1X
  • Bone 1X
  • Animal Fiber 2X

Luckily players can obtain Wood Bundles easily by chopping down trees. However, to get Bone and Animal Fibers, players will need to hunt down some animals and get them from their loot. After getting enough resources, get into the menu and craft it.

Players will need to make a Workbench first before crafting the Fishing Rod. Workbench can be easily crafted by using Wood Bundle 10x and Plant Fiber 4X.

How to fish in Nightingale

After crafting the Fishing Rod, visit the areas that contain water. To capture the fish, equip your Fishing Rod and throw it into the water by left-clicking on the mouse. Wait until any fish takes your bait and left-click the mouse once the fish has fallen into the trap to start the mini-game.

The mini-game works like a tug-of-war game between the players and the fish. Players can only capture fish once the fish has been exhausted. To exhaust the fish, left-click on your mouse, but make sure to avoid excessive clicking because this can also deplete the stamina of the players.

The best strategy to win this game is to deplete the fish's red health bar while maintaining your stamina. To do that, just try to keep the tension close to the middle by clicking at regular intervals. This will restore the player's stamina. Eventually, the fish will lose all of its health bar and will be captured.

If you act correctly, you'll end up catching a fish easily. However, if you're just starting, we'd recommend you to go through How to dodge in Nightingale to make your survival easy.

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