How to cure Nightingale Overheated status

Nightingale character using an umbrella

Nightingale character using an umbrella

Striking down a mystical beast is one thing but fighting off the elements is an entirely different challenge. With this guide on how to cure the Nightingale Overheated status, we’ll show you how to keep cool while you’re out gathering supplies.

The Fae Realms is a world that’s filled with all sorts of danger that can pop up at any moment. So to stay alive in place, you’ll need to have your basics covered like where to get fuel or how to repair items.

You’ll also need to know how to deal with a variety of status effects in Nightingale. Each status effect can be handled in different ways, so for now, let’s go ahead and focus on how to get rid of Overheated.

Desert area in Nightingale
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How to cure the Overheated status in Nightingale

To get rid of the Overheated status in Nightingale, all you need to do is stay out of direct sunlight, especially in the desert biome. You can do this by staying in the shade or jumping into some water.

Most forms of shade will do, so you can start building a shelter or just look for a nearby tree. If you decide to do a bit of swimming to get rid of Overheated, keep in mind that you will be susceptible to the Wet status instead.

The simplest way to deal with the Overheated status is to just bring an umbrella with you wherever you go. The umbrella is actually a very versatile tool in Nightingale as it can also prevent Wet by protecting you from rain and serve as a makeshift glider.

You won’t be able to craft an umbrella until you’ve made a bit of progress in the game, but once you make this seemingly mundane item, it’s best to keep it handy at all times.

That wraps up our guide on how to fix Overheated in Nightingale. For more on the survival game, you can check out our guides on how to upgrade gear score and how to find Essence Dust.

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