How to holster items in Nightingale

Image of Nightingale forest from first-person perspective
Credit: Inflexion Games

Image of Nightingale forest from first-person perspective
Credit: Inflexion Games

As players progress through the realms of Nightingale, they gather a collection of necessary tools and weapons for various tasks which makes knowing how to holster items in Nightingale essential information.

Carrying these tools all the time can become tiring, especially when players are just exploring. Thankfully, there is a way through which players can put their items away when they are not using them.

Although holstering your tools is pretty easy in Nightingale, many users find it hard because of the different commands in the game. Nevertheless, players can simply hide their items just by clicking a single button. This guide will give a detailed overview that will help players put their items away.

How to holster Nightingale items

Fortunately, Nightingale allows the players to carry items in both of their hands. However, most of the players do not want to carry tools everywhere. Luckily they can get this freedom by pressing a single button.

Players will only need to press key H to hide their items. Since players carry items in both of their hands they will need to press this button twice to hide the tools. However, If players want to hide their off-hand items only, they will need to press this key a single time. If players also want to put away their main hand items then they can do so by pressing H one more time.

How to unholster Nightingale items

If a sudden need for a weapon arises, players can simply bring it back by pressing H for the third time. In short, players will need to use only a single button to hide their items or bring them back. Although the mechanism seems pretty straightforward, it can become troublesome for some players, specifically for beginners. To help you understand all the commands, here's a table.

Press H Key 1x
Press H Key 2x
Press H Key 3x

How to hide Nightingale UI

Since many players hide their weapons to have a better view of the environment. Another way to enhance the game's visuals is by hiding the UI. To hide the interface, players can press the F4 key. Keep in mind that hiding the UI will also hide the game menu. To get back the access, press this key again.

Furthermore, as the default view in Nightingale is set to FPP, it is also possible to switch it to Third Person View (TPP). To do so, all you need is to press the F5 key on your keyboard. In case the view doesn't change, you can try accessing the Video Tab in Settings.

Learning this simple yet highly versatile mechanism enhances gameplay by enabling players to have an increased level of control over their inventory management. This ultimately leads to an enhanced overall gaming experience, providing better visuals to players who want to explore new realms.

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