Nightingale Essence Trader locations

Image of Nightingale Essence Trader list with trees in background
Credit: Inflexion Games

Image of Nightingale Essence Trader list with trees in background
Credit: Inflexion Games

Crafting is one of the key mechanics in survival games like Nightingale, where players are required to gather resources present throughout the world. Players then utilise these to craft tools and items that are necessary for their survival. However, the game is designed in a way that offers very limited crafting options in the initial gameplay.

To expand the crafting opportunities, players will need to look for Essence Traders. Essence Traders are Non Playable Characters present in every realm. These traders are vital in the process of acquiring resources because they offer blueprints for new structures and provide items to upgrade the gears.

However, Essence Traders work as dealers, and will only give you items if you provide them Essence Currency. There are multiple realms in Nightingale. With each realm having its essence trader, it can be exhausting for the players to look out for all of them. With the help of this guide, you can find these traders easily in every realm.

Nightingale Essence Trader locations

The Essence Traders are one of the NPCs that most players encounter as they explore different realms of Nightingale. Every realm has its own Essence Trader, which players face most of the time while venturing through the region. Players then interact with these characters to obtain the resources.

Players will need an in-game currency called Essence Dust to get items in exchange. These currencies can be obtained easily by extracting resources.

How to find Nightingale Essence Traders

Nightingale contains multiple realms and each realm contains its own Essence Trader, waiting at a specific location. Players generate these realms procedurally by using realm cards. Due to multiple realms, it becomes difficult to list the exact location of every trader. On the other hand, players can take advantage of the game map to find them.

  • Press the M key to open the game map.
  • Look for Essence Trader's Ticket Icon that has been marked on the map. This icon points to their exact whereabouts in the realm.
  • Zoom in to get a better view of the surrounding area because these trades are present within their vicinity.
  • Select the trader's location on the map and then move towards the designated area. Make sure to obtain every item while visiting the area, as it can be extracted to get Essence Dust.
  • After locating the trader, interact with them by pressing the E key to get access to their list of items.

Every Essence Trader offers a variety of items in every realm, which depends on the Realm Cards players have used. Fortunately, players can locate every trader in all realms by following the same procedure, leaving the need to remember the location separately.

Essence Traders in Nightingale are key NPCs that allow players to advance crafting capabilities and obtain vital resources. Even though their specific locations differ from realm to realm, players can use the game map to locate them in no time.

That's everything there is to know about the Nightingale Essence Trader locations. For more, check out our other guides showcasing how to heal and how to build an Estate.

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