Nightingale Bastille of Insight challenges

Nightingale player entering a dungeon in nightingale
Credit: Inflexion Games

Nightingale player entering a dungeon in nightingale
Credit: Inflexion Games

Players embark on an exciting journey into the various fascinating Fae realms while playing Nightingale. Each realm is unique, having its particular environment, enemies, and challenges for players to overcome. One challenge is the Nightingale Bastille of Insight which benefits players with intriguing rewards.

Among these challenges is the Bastille of Insight, a lucrative side quest that players come across during their journey through various realms. The main objective of this challenge is to activate several runes that are scattered across the realm. However, the difficulty level of the challenge varies, depending on the realm players are exploring.

To solve the Bastille of Insight puzzles, the players will need to rely on their perceptions along with their intuitions. Completing this challenge is crucial as it will give exciting rewards to players. To have better insights into this intriguing challenge, go through this detailed guide.

Nightingale Bastille of Insight challenges

The challenge objective is quite simple which requires players to activate some runes. These runes are present around the rocks within the Bastille of Insight region.

These runes are present on the surfaces of rock, but fewer ones can be difficult for the players to locate. Luckily players can identify them from their glowing red color.

Bastille of Insight in Open World

Explore the region and look out for runes. While looking for the runes, keep your eye on the red-coloured ones. After identifying it, get closer to the rune to activate it. Players will need to select the prompt Examine through which the rune will be activated and change its colour from red to blue.

Activate all the runes within the Bastille of Insight to complete this puzzle. However, there are a few runes that sometimes players can not identify easily because they do not glow red. To identify them, players will need to take the help of wisps which are small fairies flying around the ruins.

These wisps emit light, which causes these runes to glow for a shorter period. Look out for them under the wisps light and activate them to solve this puzzle. Luckily, players can activate these runes in any order unlike the Bastille of Intellect which requires players to activate them in a certain order.

Bastille of Insight in Dungeons

Aside from the open world, many players will encounter the Bastille of Insight in dungeons. Although the procedure remains the same in either case, the task of locating runes is strenuous in dungeons compared to open setups.

To find the runes in dungeons, explore all the rooms and walls. While exploring the rooms, make sure to carefully search around the objects. Most of these runes can be found within the chests, or behind some objects such as lamps or barrels.

Upon the completion of the challenge, the shield containing the Hope Echo will be lowered and players can claim their rewards from it. However, the reward items vary depending on the realms players are exploring.

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