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Nightingale player standing in between two rocks in background
Credit: Inflexion Games

Nightingale player standing in between two rocks in background
Credit: Inflexion Games

Nightingale submerges players into an immersive world of survival that is set in different realms of the Victorian era. The gameplay involves the players looking out for realm cards. With the help of these cards, players shape and form their personalized realms, making the journey more individualized.

Alongside exploration and survival elements, Nightingale also provides players with more diverse activities such as the Bastille of Agility challenges. These challenges have specific goals and offer exciting rewards on completion. Among these challenges, one is Bastille of Agility, which is designed to test the agility and skill of players.

The main objective of this challenge is to find the Hope Echo which is placed at the top of the tower. Although the challenge may seem easy because of a simple objective, the path leading to victory on the other hand is not that simple. There is no need to fear anymore because this guide contains a detailed overview that will help players complete this challenge.

Nightingale Bastille of Agility challenge

The Bastille of Agility has been designed to test the speed and agility of the players. Players will need to climb through the towers and Jump through several obstacles to reach their target safely. The objective of this challenge is to reach the Hope Echo which is placed somewhere at the top of a ruined tower.

However, this is the hardest part as reaching the Hope Echo can be daunting for the players because it is placed at the highest and hard-to-reach areas like a pillar. These pillars often have no nearby objects making it difficult for players to climb easily.

How to Complete Bastille of Agility Challenge

The main target of this challenge is to reach the goal which is the Hope Echo. Since there is no nearby object placed around it, it is difficult for players to climb there directly. Alternatively, players can consider using Climbing Picks to reach there. To use Climbing Pick, players will need to equip it and then reach the climbing wall. After reaching the wall, press the key V to start climbing.

Climbing takes a lot of energy so players will need to maintain their stamina by using Potions.

During climbing, many players will reach a few points where they will run out of platform and cannot climb directly. To avoid these problems, players can place stairs. After placing the stairs, go through it and continue your journey until you reach the top of the tower.

While climbing through the towers, players will also need to jump from one place to reach another. Make sure to land safely while jumping.

In Nightingale, the Bastille of Agility is a challenge where players will be tested on their speed and agility as they overcome a difficult climb to locate the Hope Echo. Despite the challenge being difficult, players will be able to complete it with the proper strategy and skills.

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