NHL 24 early access - when to play

NHL 24 early access - hockey teams fighting on the ice

NHL 24 early access - hockey teams fighting on the ice

Waiting for a game is normal, but it is also useful to know when you can get your hands on it. It all boils down to knowing the release dates and times. So, we will look at NHL 24 early access and see how it works.

The hockey series by Electronic Arts has been going strong these last few years, with adjustements and fixes to the gameplay, along with attractive photorealistic graphics.

Understandably, then, you want to get your hands on it. Let's find out how the NHL 24 early access works.

When can you play NHL 24?

If you have early access, you can play NHL 24 early three dayes before anyone else, on October 3 2023 (Tuesday). This grants early access to all the platforms that the game is available on, that includes PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S and also Xbox One.

You'll have enough time to get some practice on your skates and throws. While that will probably mean having to spend some nights awake, since that is not a weekend, it will probably be worth in the long run.

But how can one actually get the early access?

How to get the NHL 24 early access

In order to get your hands on the NHL 24 early access, you'll have to buy the so-called X-Factor Edition of the game. But that deluxe editions is more expensive, but is there a free way to get early access? Yes, EA Play also offers a 10-hour trial on NHL 24 starting on Tuesday October 3.

This means that anyone with a Xbox Game Pass subscription, which includes EA Play, can actually try out the game before deciding to buy it. We think ten hours of trial are definitely enough to decide if you want to take the plunge and buy the full game. This one obviously won't be available on Xbox Game Pass, at least not for the moment.

That's all we have for you on NHL 24 early access. For more tips and tricks on other EA Sports titles, check out our guides on FC EA 24 web app and crashing.

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