NBA 2K24 crashing - how to fix

NBA 2K24 crashing - Lakers player against other player

NBA 2K24 crashing - Lakers player against other player

Nothing worse than being out playing your game of basketball and BAM! Your PC or console crashes and you're back staring at a screen with no game. That's what happens when you're having to deal with NBA 2K24 crashing. How to deal with it?

Unfortunately, many sports games nowadays have serious problems when it comes to being released without crashes. NBA 2K24 is no exception in this case.

But luckily, there are simple workarounds and solutions to this. Let's see how to deal with NBA 2K24 crashing and get back to gaming.

How to fix NBA 2K24 crashing

Clearly, there might be different reasons as to why the game is having problems. For example, your PC might not be strong enough to run the game, there might be driver issues, or the servers are having problems.

We are going to assume you have already trying rebooting your system. Let's look at how to deal with all these different problems and stop the game from crashing.

Check for GPU driver updates

Obviously, the one thing you want to do is check if your video card provider has released updates. This happens a lot with games released recently, so definitely make sure to check up regularly, as there might be specific new versions to address issues.

Close all background applications

NBA 2K24 is quite resource-heavy, so better make sure that you do not have any other applications running in the background. Just make sure that especially your messaging apps are all closed and also your browser, as that consumes a lot of resources.

Open Task Manager and get rid of any running applications that you're not really paying attention to and you don't need.

Close your antivirus and firewall programs

While you don't want to run your computer without an antivirus and firewall, sometimes you might not want to have them in the background while running a game such as NBA 2K24. Try to close your antivirus first, then try running the game again.

If that still doesn't fix the crash, try also closing the firewall, or at least disabling it for five minutes while you try running the game again.

Lower the graphics

While your PC might be able to run NBA 2K24 decently, that doesn't mean it is a good idea to try to run it on high settings. Especially if you've been noticing frame rates drop or just weird glitches. Specifically if you have everything maxed out while your PC only meets the minimum system requirements, try lowering the settings.

Naturally, NBA 2K24 the graphics will not look as good as before, but at least you’ll be able to play the game properly now.

Reinstall NBA 2K24

In some cases, the files can get corrupted for no particular fault of your own. Corrupted files can indeed be a big reason for NBA 2K24 crashing. It is entirely possible to use the "Verify files" on Steam, but sometimes that doesn't work.

Therefore, we recommend to just delete the game from your PC or console, especially on PC be sure to delete all the folders left behind. Then reinstall it from scratch.

That's all we have for you. But definitely also check how to fix the NBA 2K24 server error.

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