How to fix the MW3 Zombies Gold Camo not working issue

MW3 Zombies Gold Camo not working - An image of a bunch of soldiers on ground and in vehicles

Remember the Gold Camo not unlocking issue in MW2? It seems this issue has resurfaced in the latest release, with many players facing the MW3 Zombies Gold Camo not working problem, echoing frustrations from the past.

In fact, this issue isn't the only familiar problem players have encountered in this latest instalment. Users are also facing challenges like the dev error 841 and the error code Chastise, alongside exclusive Modern Warfare 3 errors such as the MW3 Vault Edition Battle Pass not working.

In this guide, we'll delve into the specific problem of the Gold Camo not working in the Zombies mode in MW3, a glitch that has puzzled many players.

How to fix the Zombies Gold Camo not working issue in MW3

To fix the issue of Gold Camo not working in the MW3 Zombies mode, use the base version of the weapon without Pack-a-Punch upgrades, get the required kills, and then exfiltrate from the game session.

Several Redditors have reported that this workaround has helped them unlock the Gold Camo for their weapons. Given these multiple confirmations, it's highly likely that this method will work for you too in the Zombies mode in Modern Warfare 3.

It's worth noting that, as confirmed by a Redditor, using Voiceline Cosmetics also changes the name of the gun, so it's advisable to avoid them when trying to unlock Gold Camo. However, you can still use any attachments and/or camos on your weapon.

Why is Gold Camo not working issue in Zombies mode?

The MW3 Zombies Gold Camo not working issue appears to be linked to Pack-a-Punch upgrades changing weapon names, which interferes with the game's ability to track progress towards the challenges required for unlocking the Gold Camo.

It's unclear whether the issue is an intentional game mechanic or a bug related to the name registration of weapons altered by the Pack-a-Punch upgrades. If it is indeed a bug, we hope that it is addressed and fixed soon to improve the gaming experience.

And that covers everything you need to know about the MW3 Zombies Gold Camo not working issue. While you're here, don't forget to explore the best guns in MW3 and the best graphics settings to enhance your gameplay experience.

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