How to use the MW3 private match camo glitch

An image of the Priceless rocket launcher which can be unlocked easily using the MW3 private match camo glitch

Traditionally, camo challenges are intended to be completed in standard multiplayer modes against human opponents, ensuring both a level of challenge and fairness. However, the MW3 private match camo glitch that allows for the rapid unlocking of camos by playing against bots.

While the other Modern Warfare 3 errors and issues such as the Pulemyot 762 Underbarrel glitch and the Zombies Gold Camo not working were largely game-breaking and caused frustration among players, this glitch stands out as a welcome anomaly. It acts as a godsend for those who have been struggling to complete certain camo challenges.

In this guide, we'll delve into the details of the private match camo glitch in Modern Warfare 3, exploring how you can take advantage of it, should you choose to do so.

How to use the MW3 private match camo glitch

To use the MW3 private match camo glitch, set up a private lobby with the "Free for All" mode on the "Rust" map.

Maximize the time and point limits for the longest possible match. Make sure you add the maximum number of bots to ensure a high volume of targets. Then, simply engage in relentless run-and-gun gameplay to rapidly accumulate kills and unlock camos easily.

This glitch proves particularly useful for completing challenging tasks like the "Priceless" camo challenge on launchers, which requires 25 double kills. The high-density bot environment in the glitch setup significantly simplifies achieving these otherwise difficult multi-kills.

MW3 private match camo glitch not working?

Not all the camo challenges can be tracked and completed by entering private matches. Therefore, if you find that the MW3 private match camo glitch is not working for your specific challenge, it is likely because it is not one of the challenges susceptible to this glitch.

Many of them, especially the ones including double-kill or multi-kill requirements to be fulfilled, can be tracked very easily. Here is the list of challenges that track in custom games:

  • Shotgun Base Camo #4 (FOR ALL) - 10 Double Kills
  • LMG Base Camo #4 (FOR ALL) - 10 Double Kills
  • Priceless Camo Challenges (Gun Specific)
    • WSP Swarm: 10 Double Kills
    • Rival-9: 10 Double Kills w/ Suppressor
    • Haymaker: 10 Double Kills in Tac Stance
    • RGL-80 Launcher: 25 Double

And that covers everything about the MW3 private match camo glitch. While you are here, make sure you check out our tips to fix the MW3 Vault Edition battle pass not working issue.

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