How to fix MW3 dev error 841

An image of the dev error 841 dialog box in MW3

An image of the dev error 841 dialog box in MW3

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 beta is live, and many players on Xbox and PlayStation consoles have reported encountering the annoying MW3 dev error 841.

Dev errors have long been a recurring nightmare for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players. From the days of Modern Warfare 2, which was plagued by dev errors such as 6036 and 11557, to the latest iteration of the franchise, the challenge of these errors persists.

But fret not, as in this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the steps to troubleshoot and fix dev error 841. This will allow you to dive back into the heart-pounding action of MW3 without interruptions.

How to fix MW3 dev error 841

To fix MW3 dev error 841, your only option is to avoid playing in Ground War mode or Domination mode until the developers release a fix.

Checking the latest Modern Warfare 3 beta patch notes, it appears that this issue hasn't been addressed in the recent patch. Therefore, you may need to patiently await the next patch for a resolution.

The release date for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is scheduled for November 10, 2023, which is just a few weeks away. With the release date approaching, it's reasonable to assume that any lingering issues will likely be addressed and patched before the full release.

What is MW3 dev error 841?

Dev error 841 in MW3 is a random occurrence that can abruptly boot you to the main menu during a match.

While the exact cause of this error is not officially confirmed, it tends to manifest most frequently during Ground War matches - one of the most popular MW3 game modes. That said, some players have experienced it during Domination matches as well.

The prevailing theory among gamers is that dev error 841 may be caused by inactivity, potentially resulting in a game kick. However, this theory is unconfirmed, and given the game's beta status, the error is likely due to a bug that needs fixing.

Regardless of the underlying cause, the tips we've provided here should help you avoid the dev error 841 in MW3. While you are here, check out whether the Modern Warfare 3 beta progression transfers to the full game.

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