MW2 double kills not tracking - how to fix double kills not counting glitch

MW2 double kills not tracking soldier with rifle

The excitement of a quick match in Modern Warfare 2 is always a great prospect, especially at the end of a long work day. But sometimes, there are unforeseen issues that prevent our enjoyment, such as stuttering and connection failed error. Have you been having issues with MW2 double kills not tracking? Let’s see how to fix it.

As players of the series know, double kills in Modern Warfare 2 can be done by having two consecutive kills within three seconds of each other.

But what can we do when the game does not keep track of our double kills? Let’s take a look.

How to fix MW 2 double kills not tracking

Apparently, at the moment the count kill issue is, then, for the most part, a visual glitch. We would advise, to fix this, to just restart the game altogether and try to load back in. Hopefully, this should fix the issue, if it doesn’t, well, you can rest easy knowing that your kills are still being safely registered.

This is not a new issue, as this is something that tends to happen in the game time and time again. Players have noted that this is not really a bug, but rather a minor glitch. Despite the game not displaying your actual kills, MW2 is still counting them, so this minor problem shouldn’t keep you from having fun.

How to score a double kill in MW

As mentioned, scoring double kills is easy as long as they are done in a short space of time, but that's not all. Remember that the kills are not counted if they are made with two different guns and, also, AI kills in Invasion and Ground War modes do not count towards double.

Finally, remember that the Double Kill notification must be displayed on the screen, otherwise - despite the glitch - the game is not counting that as a double kill.

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