Manor Lords - everything you need to know

Manor Lords player looking at settlement
Credit: Slavic Magic

Manor Lords player looking at settlement
Credit: Slavic Magic

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Manor Lords has become one of the most anticipated games of 2024, thanks to its aesthetic city-building system, and historical tidbits from the 14th Century Medieval era. As with all new releases, players want to know more about the Manor Lords release date.

Build your forces, charge them into real-time battles, and strategise your tactical takeovers to build your settlements. Your role as a lord develops with gameplay, story progression, and the growing medieval history around you.

What makes this game so unique is the one-man development team, Slavic Magic. The telling of accurate historical data, strategic gaming experience, and promotion have made this game, a popular title on the wishlist. Thankfully, the game has now an official release date, with more details on the platform releases and gameplay. Let's check them out.

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Credit: Insider Gaming

Manor Lords release date

According to the official Manor Lords trailer, the game is set to release on April 26, 2024. This is after a delay as the game was supposed to release back in 2023.

Slavic Magic had pushed back on this scheduled launch as they wanted to work on existing bugs and in-game issues that could have soured the gameplay. Thankfully, given the breathtaking graphics, city-building infrastructure, and high-scale strategic gameplay, it's an already on-demand game title.

Not to forget, Slavic's positive attitude about showcasing their development process and asking for feedback on social media has made them a favourite developer among the gaming communities. Hence, the official release date has been exciting news for all.

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Credit: Screen Rant
Manor Lords Platform Release

Manor Lords platforms

As per the official announcements, Manor Lords will come out on PC, with plans to release the game on consoles. There haven't been any official dates mentioned for the latter yet. The good news is that the game will come soon on Xbox Series X/S. For now, the game will be available on Game Pass exclusively for PC users.

Going by its gameplay trailer, Manor Lords has the perfect feel of a PC game. This means it's exciting to see how these combat tactics and battle features will port onto consoles. For now, the game will stay in early access on PC, with no official time limit.

Of course, the game will be fully playable on PC and might likely see some updates while in the early-access period.

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Credit: IGN India
Manor Lords Gameplay

Manor Lords gameplay

Manor Lords Gameplay has two primary features:

  • Real-time combat
  • City-building

You're a feudal lord of the 14th-century Medieval era of fictionalised Franconia. You begin by choosing a specific region on the map to build up your estate. The region you choose also controls the resource types you get to build up your estate region.

You can own these resources and sell them for profit. The structure placement is also made easy thanks to grid-and-snap features for roads and buildings. As your ruling expands, you can hire more workers, upgrade your buildings, and bring more infrastructure and wealth within your areas.

As you keep developing your provinces, you can progress your development tree nodes to unlock more villager units, buildable structures, and more. The game also has all four seasons affecting the storage and preservation of foods, wartime, and more.

As for combat, given your power, you can hire mercenaries to forge more powerful armies at your behest. The real-time combats take place on open fields with no turn-based orders. Instead of controlling each unit individually, you can control larger units to take over their opponents.

As for units, you get three levels to control:

  • Peasants
  • Archer
  • Spear militias

By strategsing your gameplay, you can increase your enmity with other regions and even build lasting friendships to help you in future combat.

In short, Manor Lords, under the development of Slavic Magic, has loads of interesting and exciting world-building features in store. It promises immersive gameplay, and we're excited to see what's in store.

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