How to Recruit Units in Manor Lords

Manor Lords units fighting
Credit: Slavic Magic

Manor Lords units fighting
Credit: Slavic Magic

Want to know how to recruit units in Manor Lords? Manor Lords is a medieval strategy game that lets you build and manage your kingdom. One of the most important aspects of the game is recruiting an army to defend your lands and conquer new ones.

But how do you recruit an army in Manor Lords and what are the different types of soldiers you can hire? Let us answer these questions.

How to Recruit Units in Manor Lords

Manor Lords army recruitment
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To recruit units in Manor Lords, you need to visit the army tab at the bottom of your screen. You can also press the V button on your keyboard to quickly open the army tab.

Each unit can have a maximum of 30 soldiers, but they must be equipped properly. Military equipment is needed for militia units, which you can get by trading with other lords, plundering enemies, or making it in your village. You can also enhance your equipment by upgrading your village’s blacksmith

Manor Lords Soldier Types

There are three main types of soldiers you can recruit in Manor Lords: mercenaries, your retinue, and the peasant militia. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, and you'll need to balance them carefully to create an effective army.

Mercenaries are the easiest to hire - all you need is enough gold in your treasury to pay them for a month. Just head over to the army tab, click "create a new unit", and then select the icon of a hand dropping gold coins.

Your retinue is a special type of soldier that becomes available once you build your personal Manor. These soldiers are loyal to you and will never betray you. You can even customize their names and appearances. They're a step up from basic soldiers, with better stats and the potential for further upgrades.

The peasant militia is the backbone of your army in Manor Lords. These soldiers are drawn from all the male members of your village households and need to be armed with your own supplies of weapons.

That's all there is to know about how to recruit units in Manor Lords. For more, check out the best units and how to make money to expand your kingdom.

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