How to Activate Manor Lords Peaceful Mode

Manor Lords army fighting
Credit: Slavic Magic

Manor Lords army fighting
Credit: Slavic Magic

Want to know how to activate Peaceful Mode in Manor Lords? We've got you covered.

Manor Lords, being a strategy game, offers various game modes also known as Scenario Templates. And one of these templates is the Rise to Prosperity, which is the Peaceful Mode we're talking about. This guide has all the information on how to activate Peaceful Mode and how it influences a game like Manor Lords.

How to Play Peaceful Mode in Manor Lords

Manor Lords Peaceful Mode template
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To activate Peaceful mode, simply start a new game and select the Scenario Template option in Manor Lords. You'll be presented with three templates: Rise to Prosperity, Restoring Peace, and On the Edge. Choose Rise to Prosperity and hit the Start button to kick off the gameplay.

You can even customize the difficulty of the Peaceful Mode by tweaking a few options. You can adjust the End Goal, the number of AI opponents, the presence of off-map adversaries, the frequency of raiders, the number of years between raids, the initial bandit camps, the limit for random bandit camp spawns, starting season, and starting supplies.

This allows you to tailor the gameplay to your liking and make it as relaxing or challenging as you want.

What is Peaceful Mode in Manor Lords?

Manor Lords offers a peaceful mode, also known as the Rise to Prosperity scenario template, where you can focus on building and growing your village without the hassle of combat.

In peaceful mode, combat is disabled, allowing you to concentrate on developing your village and army without the constant threat of raids. It's the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the intricacies of medieval town management without the added stress of defending against adversaries.

The primary objective in peaceful mode is to meet the needs of your citizens and govern your medieval town as you see fit. The ultimate victory condition is to reach the "Large Town" settlement level. Once you've achieved this milestone, you have the option to continue playing in endless mode, allowing you to further expand and refine your town without any time constraints or external threats.

Rise to Prosperity or peaceful mode, is particularly well-suited for beginners who want to familiarize themselves with Manor Lords' gameplay mechanics and town management aspects before delving into more challenging scenarios. It's a great way to ease into the game and gain a solid understanding of its core features without feeling overwhelmed by constant battles and skirmishes.

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