Manor Lords multiplayer - Everything You Need to Know

An image of soldiers in Manor Lords marching to battle.
Credit: Slavic Magic

An image of soldiers in Manor Lords marching to battle.
Credit: Slavic Magic

Want to know more about what Manor Lords multiplayer has in store? You've come to the right place.

Having the best of both worlds of building and challenging other players, Manor Lords is crafted with historical realism, large-scale battles, and immersive simulation. These features have made waves for Manor Lords across gaming recently, making it a thrilling game to look forward to.

In this guide, find everything about Manor Lords multiplayer and its features.

Does Manor Lords have multiplayer?

An image of soldiers and villagers fighting in Manor Lords.
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Credit: Slavic Magic

With a multiplayer feature, Manor Lords would launch players into possibly having alliances or enemies through their friends. This would certainly make the game more entertaining.

Based on the Manor Lords Reddit, it was announced back in 2020 by its sole developer, Slavic Magic that the game is being developed for single-player only. So we'll be seeing Manor Lords in purely a single-player mode for now.

It's to be noted, however, that Slavic Magic also tested on multiplayer options and this can be added later on. But for now, he wants to focus on polishing the single-player experience of the game.

Will Manor Lords have multiplayer?

At present, there haven't been any new updates regarding a possible multiplayer feature for Manor Lords. But that doesn't mean we're closing off all hope for Manor Lords multiplayer. The game will still be relatively fresh upon its full release, and there's a lot Slavic Magic will still work on before moving on to significant feature updates for the game.

Certainly, a multiplayer feature would be a literal game-changer for Manor Lords. It's even possible that the modding community can whip a mod for a multiplayer feature for the game.

Despite the lack of multiplayer, players are in for a treat for this highly-anticipated game as the developer aims to give a dynamic experience to players.

We'll just see what the future holds for the game and we'll keep you updated if there are any other announcements on a multiplayer feature for the game.

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