All confirmed features in Manor Lords

Credit: Slavic Magic

Credit: Slavic Magic

Checking out all of the Manor Lords features is a surefire way of seeing what this strategy game has to offer.

While the game has already confirmed accurate historical data embedded into the story and gameplay progression, the developers have now announced some exciting Manor Lords features.

Many players have already wishlisted this game on their Steam account, making these new feature announcements another reason to anticipate its release. So, let's check out these confirmed features for Manor Lords, and see why they're hyping up their potential player base.

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Manor Lords Army

Manor Lords features list

Lord Assistant personalisation

In Manor Lords, you can now customize the look of your militia by changing the looks of their appearance and equipment. Given how the game works, your armies are the backbone of your warfare and city-building tactics.

Hence, you can personalize how your retinue looks and give them various looks before they head to the battlefields for victory. You can also change the colours and patterns on the equipment and give them new looks whenever you want.

And that's not all, as you can also choose all the aspects of your weapons and armour before putting your armies on the battlefield. This means that you have the upper hand in affecting how the gameplay will go.

Altering your militia's looks before every warfare makes each combat interesting. It also lets you take and share some fantastic in-game screenshots of to share with your friends.

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Credit: Steam
Manor Lords Tax

In-game tax system

The developer of Manor Lords. Slavic Magic, understands that the medieval times had lords levied numerous taxes on their people. Hence, while various other strategies and city-building games minimize the taxing into one payment, Manor Lords has a realistic tax management system.

Medieval-time overlords were known to rule their lands with an iron fist and demand lumpsum tax when the nation needed it the most. And since this game prides itself on its historical accuracy, the same system works here.

Six taxes work within the Manor Lords Game:

  1. Basic tax
  1. Trade tax
  2. Lord's Mill tax
  3. Tithe
  4. Two Wartime taxes

The basic tax is what every villager pays to the Lord. The trade tax is for the commercial improvement of the Lord's town. The Lord's Mill tax is for anyone within the province utilizing the Lord's Mill. There are also two wartime taxes to help the armies with more upgraded armoury and weaponry to win their battles for the Lord. Lastly, the Tithe is the tax amount for the Church to retain the influence of the Lordship.

As the Lord, you can appoint up to three in-game NPCs who must balance their loyalty to you, as well as the subjects. Their primary task is to find suitable ways to raise the tax amount that lets you profit without losing the trust of your people.

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Manor Lords Diplomacy

Write diplomatic letters and face their consequences

Remember, in Manor Lords, you're not the only Lord around. There are several NPC Lords and Ladies around your settlement, each with their own personalities.

This means, other than managing your subjects, growing your town's prospects, and readying your armies for war, you also have to maintain different relationships with these Lords and Ladies.

Doing so can either improve or bring ill-tidings to your settlement. There are various ways of cultivating bonds with these fellow rulers, one of which is to send letters. And you are in charge of writing these letters.

By this, it means you write each word, sentence, and paragraph of these letters, with your notion added within. Meaning, that these letters can bring peace, friendship, alliance, or even enmity, war, or demands.

Your land, its progress, and financial status all rely on how you curate your letters. This is a really fun and unique strategy in Manor Lords to test the prowess of your written creativity.

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Credit: GameStar
Manor Lords Third Person

Third-person POV

While being the Lord or the Lady of your settlement, it might look odd to visit the town in first-person POV. That's why Manor Lords has added a feature where you can use a third-person camera POV and have your character roam the area and visit different locations.

Now you can watch your Lord's character roaming various areas such as the settlements, churches, farmlands and more, and immerse in the beauty of their own making.

This is not a common feature in strategy games but is a much-welcomed add-on by Slavic Magic. It allows players to immerse themselves in the scenic beauty, creations, and nature which surrounds them. It's also an effective way to distract yourself from the highly political and strategic gameplay that might drain the players after some hours.

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Credit: Steam
manor lords seasons

Weather and seasonal effects

Who says changing seasons and weather don't affect games?

The seasonal changes inside Manor Lords not only bring out various aesthetic beauty to your surroundings but also to your agriculture, health, and strategies.

For example, during winter, your subjects will have a higher demand for firewood. Spring, Summer, and Monsoon seasons will bring out the best of your agricultural progress. Similarly, the monsoon season will have its effect in-game as well.

Just like seasons, weather changes are often welcome. For example, rainy weather during the scorching summer is a much-needed change for crops as well as your subjects.

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Credit: Steam
manor lords war

Face the consequences of war on your settlement

Ever wondered what happens to the soldiers on your team in-game? You might think they're nothing but NPCs, but that's not how Manor Lords works.

Here, all your soldiers are part of your subject population. Their deaths can have drastic consequences on your settlements. For example, let's say you invade a neighbouring village, leading to one of the soldiers dying. That could be the same person who tends to farmlands, making you one man short in cultivation.

This system allows players to understand their army's life outside of warfare and their importance in the progress of the settlement. Other than armies, even changes in the surrounding environment can bring in issues. For example, if you cut too many trees at once, you will face deforestation. Similarly, if you don't have someone to tend to your crops, you might end up with a poor-quality harvest.

In conclusion, these are the six prominent confirmed features in Manor Lords. The game is all about strategic warfare, cultivation, settlement management, and more. The choices you make in-game will affect your gameplay for the better or worse.

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