Manor Lords Buildings and Walls List

All Buildings in Manor Lords
Credit: Slavic Magic

All Buildings in Manor Lords
Credit: Slavic Magic

Having a Manor Lords buildings and wall list is essential when looking to expand your empire.

What comprises the buildings and walls in Manor Lords? And what are their uses? In a game so extensive and flexible with its city-building and kingdom expansion; architecture comes in handy. It keeps your rations and subjects safe while ensuring everyone has roofs over their head.

To understand how these work, we've compiled a list of all the Manor Lords building and walls, and their uses for your gathering, mining and other needs. Let's check them out.

Manor Lords Building and Wall List

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Manor Lords Manors

Administrative Units

You need administrative units for all your operative needs. These help improve your settlements and development of your lands with more skills and financial situations.

For now, there are two administrative units. Namely:

  • Manor
  • Settler's Camp

In these buildings, you carry on various tasks like setting new tax laws, establishing policies, managing active and new settlements, and running through all changes within your regions.

Out of the abovementioned establishments, the manor is the primary settlement from where you carry out your governance. This means this is a crucial building guarded by your armies, where all your decisions can make or break your financial and wealth stability.

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manor lords livestock

Trading Units

Trade is the bread and butter of increasing your wealth in Manor Lords. Hence, your trading buildings are where you establish important trade routes to barter your livestock, harvest, supplies, and more.

For now, Manor Lords has only two trading posts, namely:

  • Trading Post
  • Livestock Trading Post

The trading post is where you can trade for almost anything available. For example, you can upgrade your retinue's armour and weapons by purchasing them from the trading post. Similarly, if you have a surplus of leather or metals, you can trade them here for profit.

Similarly, if you increase your livestock and focus on its growth, you can sell the excess at the Livestock trading post to add more wealth to your revenue. Growing more crops or increasing your livestock are ideal ways to earn more money and develop your land in this game.

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manor lords tannery

Industrial Units

The raw materials you extract and collect from your gathering quest get refined here at the industrial units. After refining, these materials come in handy for crafting your militias' armour, weapons, and various other crucial supplies for the region.

Now, there are multiple industrial units in Manor Lords. Each has its unique and much-needed utility for your kingdom to run and develop:

  • Weaver's Workshop
  • Bloomery
  • Smithy
  • Malthouse
  • Tannery
  • Dyer's Workshop
  • Clay Furnace

Each of these units has its outlined tasks to ensure your region's prosperity and progress stays strong even in times of war.

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manor lords burgage plots

Residential Units

As the name suggests, these units are where your subjects can lay for rest or use them for businesses to earn revenue. Meaning, you can have places like:

  • Church
  • Burgage Plot
  • Marketplace
  • Corpse pit
  • Well
  • Tavern

Out of these, the Burgage plots hold the most importance. Here is where your townspeople settle down along with their families. Moreover, you can extend out the plots for more subjects and even tax the plots to earn a monthly amount.

The number of buildings and extensions doesn't end here, as you have storehouses, granaries, workshops and livestock sheds, bakery extensions, and more.

The world within Manor Lords is in your hands, and how you grow it, So if you love civilization and city-building games, and want to try out a diverse title, check out Manor Lords today.

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