How to use hero tokens in LotR: Return to Moria

lord of the rings return to moria hero tokens with character dwarf holding a parchment

lord of the rings return to moria hero tokens with character dwarf holding a parchment

Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria has plenty of secrets for you to uncover as you explore the ever-expanding caverns of Moria. From tracking down the mysterious ranger journal pages to uncovering new minerals and recipes for gear, there's seemingly no end to the items. However, one of the most mysterious items is the hero tokens.

You might've collected your own hero tokens already and be wondering what you're supposed to do with them. They're not just useless idols, and you can actually collect a bunch from certain locations. Today, we'll cover how to get Hero Tokens and what to use hero tokens for in LotR: Return to Moria.

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How to get hero tokens

Hero tokens can be collected when you interact with the remains of fallen dwarves. These are usually indicated by small piles of axes, helmets, and bones left behind by fallen dwarves. Walk up to one such pile and interact with it by pressing 'E' to pay respects. You'll get a hero token once you perform this action.

lotr: return to moria hero tokens in chest and inventory
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Since Return to Moria uses procedural generation, the location of these remains can be random and haphazard. However, you'll have luck finding these around large orc encampments and prison areas in the Mines of Moria. We managed to find around six of them lying around in Orctown.

How to use hero tokens

You can use the Hero Tokens to create the Memorial Flame at your base. This doesn't unlock immediately, and you need five Hero Tokens to build a single Memorial Flame. Once you have five Hero Tokens, go to your base and open the build menu. You'll see the option to place down a Memorial Flame within your base.

return to moria building memorial flame with hero tokens
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The Memorial Flame is a base structure that you can interact with by pressing 'E' to pay your respects. When you perform this action, you gain a temporary buff called The Hero Spirit, which boosts your energy. This allows you to perform energy-consuming actions such as mining, sprinting, and fighting for longer periods and is especially useful for longer dives into the depths.

lotr return to moria dwarf paying tribute to hero token memorial flame for buff
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We suggest making a habit out of paying respect to the Memorial Flame before heading out on expeditions to get the most value out of it.

That's all you need to know about the hero tokens and Memorial Flame in Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria. For more guides, learn how to craft weapons and how to go about repairing them.

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