How to build a camp in Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria

lord of the rings return to moria how to set up camp

lord of the rings return to moria how to set up camp

In a survival game like Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria, it's paramount that you have a good grasp of camp building and management mechanics. While you're out exploring, sometimes you won't be able to make it back to camp on time. This is when you need to know how to quickly build a camp in Return to Moria.

There are several different types of camps in Return to Moria, and you unlock more versions of camps as you discover new materials in the depths. Today, we'll take a look at how camps work and the materials you need to build a camp in Return to Moria on the fly.

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What is a camp in Return to Moria?

A camp is any location where you can set down a sleeping bag and whip up a meal. Camps are meant to provide you with shelter from the cold and dark of the Mines of Moria. As you progress through Return to Mora, you'll be building and repairing several camps from one area to another. Early on, this is going to take a lot of walking and resource management as you transfer resources from camp to camp.

return to moria main camp with dwarf holding torch and all camp structures in view
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Types of camps

There are actually two different types of camps that you can build in Return to Moria. Actually, there are more than two types, but we split them into two because of their functionalities. These two types are:

  • Camp hearth
  • Stone hearth

The camp hearth is a very small campfire meant for short and temporary breaks. There isn't much room to build around it, and it exists to quickly set up a light source and whip up a quick meal as long as you have the materials.

return to moria build camp hearth
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The stone hearth is a larger camp structure that designates a wide area around you for building. You can build complex structures such as forges, gem cutters and various building structures around the stone hearth. It's meant to be the centre of your personal base.

return to moria tiled hearth building plan and materials
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How to build a camp in Return to Moria

A basic camp should have a stone hearth and redroll. Open up the build menu by pressing 'B' and put down the required structures. Here are the resources you need for a stone hearth:

  • Wood Scraps (20)
  • Stone (15)
  • Coal (15)
lotr return to moria stone hearth
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The bedroll will just need a bit of cloth. After this, you also need to build a meal table so that you can keep your hunger at bay and your health full. You should also put down a furnace and forge so that you can craft your first tools.

Once you have the meal table, it's time to go foraging for meat and mushrooms. You can get these by killing the animals around you. We suggest using a quick weapon like the Iron Sword.

Camp building tips

  • You'll come across broken camps with facilities which let you repair them for a fraction of the cost of building them from scratch. You should use these as they serve as a good starting point for any camp.
  • Shield your camp with walls and various obstacles that enemies would have trouble going through. Ideally, they allow you to enter quickly but are enough to keep the enemy AI out. Our personal favorites are narrow pathways and mazes of pillars.
  • Be organized about inventory management within your camp, as it's quite easy to lose track of where you've put your items.
  • Only invest in major and expensive facilities once you're sure this camp is one you'd like to keep.
  • Know that each camp you make is temporary until you unlock Fast Travel.

How to fast travel from Camps

You don't unlock fast travel in Return to Moria until you get your hands on Black Diamonds. These can only be obtained from Orcs, Orc chests, and bosses. Once you have them, you can repair broken Mapstones and build your own Mapstones to unlock fast travel at any of your camps.

That's all you need to know about how to build a camp in Return to Moria. Once you have your first few camps set up, you'll get the hang of this in no time and begin your process of reclaiming Moria. Also, check out our guides on how to farm quickly and how to cook.

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