Lethal Company Signal Transmitter - how to use

Lethal Company Signal Transmitter - monsters hiding in the dark

Lethal Company Signal Transmitter - monsters hiding in the dark

As you are heading out to gather up some junk in those crazy Lethal Company sessions with your friends, you might have been confused by the signal transmitter. What to do with it? Let's find out how to use the signal transmitter in Lethal Company then.

The game has been making the rounds as one of the most successful indie titles of 2023. Players have been appreciating monsters such as the Flower Man and other creative but deadly monsters.

But mastering all the tools is essential to winning and bringing home the best bounty. So let's find out how to use that signal transmitter.

What is the Lethal Company Signal Transmitter?

The Signal Translator is basically a ship upgrade, which allows you to send messages (up to nine characters) to every player in a party. It is definitely quite useful, especially for those players that decide to have one teammate dedicated to working cameras, as they can warn the others.

It is also a relatively cheap upgrade, as it will set you back only 255 credits. Definitely an upgrade worth it, if you are planning to have a better chance at survival.

How to use Lethal Company Signal Transmitter

In order to use the transmitter, you need to enter the terminal in the home base and type "Transmit". Now, simply add the message you would like to send to your squadmates. As mentioned, you have up to nine characters, to bestter use them wisely.

Overall, the messages can be quite useful to communicate to your mates where monsters can be found. But you need to be brief, so for example you can signal a Flower Man at the fire exit by typing "flowerfire". Get creative, but be sure to send the right messages.

That's all we have for you on how to use the lethal company signal transmitter. For more tips and tricks on the game, also check out our guide on how to get the shovel.

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