How to fix League of Legends login error

How to fix League of Legends login error

How to fix League of Legends login error

Though you can expect to encounter error messages while playing your favourite games nowadays, they're still annoying to deal with when they do pop up. If you're experiencing a League of Legends login error, then this article may be able to help out.

Since it is a MOBA game, League of Legends is strictly an online multiplayer experience. Games that require an internet connection are usually prone to more issues like login errors and servers being down.

So without further ado, let's have a look at what you can do if you're having trouble logging into League of Legends.

How to fix League of Legends login error

There are plenty of ways to fix login errors in League of Legends. You can re-check your credentials and also check if the servers are working correctly.

We'll list down the most common and effective ways to get back into the game:

  • Make sure the error message doesn't have to do with your credentials. If it does, then you might just need to double-check the username and password you're typing in.
  • Check the server status. If the game's servers are down for whatever reason, it could lead to a login error message.
  • Restart the League of Legends client. To do this, you'll need to sign out of the client, open the task manager and close all instances of "LeagueofLegends.exe" then open the client again.

While trying to restart the League of Legends client, you might also need to close "KillerServiceNetwork.exe" in addition to "LeagueofLegends.exe". If you're still having trouble logging in after trying everything listed above, then you might want to contact League of Legends support.

What is League of Legends login error?

The League of Legends login error occurs when you get a message saying "there was an unexpected error with the login session" while trying to log into the game.

There are a number of possible causes behind this error including glitches and network connection issues, but the most common cause seems to be server congestion. This happens when there are too many players trying to get into the game at the same time.

Though League has been around since 2009, it's still one of the most popular MOBA games today, so server congestion can still occur more often than you would expect.

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