All Skills and Passives in Last Train Home

last train home artillery explosion

last train home artillery explosion

Last Train Home features RTS top-down combat that can be extremely brutal if you're not prepared. Your small Legion faces the wrath of the Red Army, and every outpost you approach will be swarming with dozens of enemies. They can overwhelm you extremely quickly if your soldiers aren't prepared to face them. This is why it's important to utilise all the skills and passives in Last Train Home.

Every combat soldier class has a unique set of skills and passives that you can assign them. Understanding how these work and picking the appropriate skills and passives for each mission will improve your chances of success and survival. So, let's take a look at how every skill and passive works in Last Train Home.

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What are Skills and Passives in Last Train Home?

Each combat class has its own set of skills and passives that you unlock as your units get promoted. First, we have the active skills that can sometimes cost resources and have cooldown periods. You need to manually activate and use these skills. The second type is the passive skills that provide buffs to your units without being activated. You can select a combination of actives and passives into four slots.

last train home classes and roles with abilities per level passive and active
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All Skills and Passives for each Role

General Skill


Removes Downed status and restores a small amount of Health.

Scout Skills


Recon (Level 1)

Uncover part of the map and reveal enemy positions.

Distract (Level 2)

Throw a stone to distract unsuspecting enemies.

Critical Shot (Level 3)

Eliminate a single enemy soldier with a single precise shot.

Death Zone (Level 4)

Increases range, damage, and accuracy but reduces the field of vision.


Quick Feet (Level 2)

Increased movement speed.

Camouflage (Level 3)

Gain concealment when not moving.

Ghost (Level 5)

Default movement gets silent mode, and silent mode isn't slow anymore.

Rifleman Skills


Bayonet Charge (Level 1)

Charge a target area and skewer the first enemy in melee range within the area.


Quick Feet (Level 1)

Move Faster.

Silent Steps (Level 2)

Move quietly.

Focus (Level 3)

Rifleman in cover uses WILL stat to increase accuracy.

Low Profile (Level 4)

Increase defense.

Lethal (Level 5)

Increase melee damage and melee resistance significantly.

Medic Skills


Heal (Level 1)

Gradually heal a soldier to full health and remove Downed status. Uses INT to heal faster and requires a medkit to use.

Sleep Flask (Level 4)

Throw a sleep-inducing flask at a target area that lasts for 15 seconds. Use DEX to throw faster.


Head Down (Level 2)

increased defense when healing or stabilizing a soldier.

Dangerous Mind (Level 2)

Use INT to deal more damage.

Inspire Caution (Level 3)

Medic increases nearby soldier's defense and reduces their attack speed. An aura based on CHAR.

Reassuring Presence (Level 3)

Medic increases nearby soldier's precision and reduces their defense. An aura based on CHAR.

Lifesaver (Level 5)

Stabilize heals 30% HP. 50% chance to not consume a Medkit when using Heal.

Grenadier Skills


Grenade (Level 1)

Throw a grenade that deals AoE damage. Throw farther with FIT.

Land Mine (Level 2)

Plant an explosive mine on the ground that's triggered when an enemy soldier or vehicle steps on it.

Smoke Bomb (Level 3)

Throw a Smoke Bomb that lasts for 10s to conceal allies or blind enemies.


Dangerous Mind (Level 2)

Use INT to deal more damage.

Extra Padding (Level 4)

Reduce incoming damage.

Unshakeable (Level 5)

Reduces damage from explosions. Become immune to being stunned and shaken.

Machine Gunner Skills


Focus Fire (Level 1)

Set up machine gun to increase its range and accuracy. Becomes rooted to the position.

Suppressive Fire (Level 2)

Deplete the whole magazine to lay down fire to suppress all enemies nearby and prevent them from shooting.

Sprint (Level 3)

Increase speed and defense.


Controlled Burst (Level 2)

Burst count lowered, but the chance to hit is increased.

Recoil Control (Level 4)

Machine Gunner uses FIT to increase the chance to hit.

Foreteller (Level 5)

Become better at predicting when to peek and when to duck.

Those are all the skills and passives in Last Train Home. Be sure to pick them according to the type of mission you're on to improve your chances of survival. For more guides, learn how to stealth kill and how train upgrades work.

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