How to silent kill in Last Train Home

last train home artwork of soldiers shoveling snow in front of train

last train home artwork of soldiers shoveling snow in front of train

Sometimes, risking an all-out gunfight is not the best course of action, especially if you're outnumbered. If you're running low on resources and are afraid of the enemy units calling for backup, it's best to remain in the shadows. This is where the silent kill in Last Train Home comes into play and can help you even the odds against the unceasing onslaught of the Red Army.

If you're low on units and resources and need to get an advantage, catch your enemies unaware by using stealth skills. While you may be tempted to take the firefight every time, this will result in a lot more injuries and potentially deaths on your team. Furthermore, it's a big waste of resources. That's why you should learn how to silent kill in Last Train Home.

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What are Silent Kills in Last Train Home?

Silent Kills in Last Train Home let your units silently assassinate enemy units in a single strike without making noise and alerting nearby guards and enemies. Stealth Kills are extremely potent at quickly taking down enemies and gaining a strategic advantage. You can whittle down their numbers and take over key locations to gain control over areas.

How to Silent Kill

To perform a Silent Kill, you first need to set up some conditions, such as remaining undetected and out of the enemy's line of sight. Furthermore, the basic Stealth Kill is meant to be performed at melee range, but there's another way to go about it as well. Follow these steps to perform Stealth Kills consistently:

  • Set your unit to silent mode by clicking on it and then clicking on the 'quiet' button or pressing the 'Y' key to enter stealth mode.
  • Units such as the Scout, with skills such as camouflage and movement speeds, are ideal for this.
  • Click on the enemy unit and notice the red triangle that displays their detection radius.
last train home enemy vision from top down view
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  • Approach the enemy unit in stealth mode while avoiding their detection radius. We suggest using the Scout's Binoculars skill to check for any nearby enemies.
  • Once you get close enough, you'll see a dagger option pop up when you hover over the enemy.
  • Select the enemy with the dagger option to swiftly and silently kill them in a single strike with a Stealth Kill.

The alternative method is not exactly a Silent Kill but can function as a stealth kill. Once you have the Scout's 'Critical Shot' ability unlocked, you can use it to pick off lone enemies from afar. You just need to ensure they're isolated and that you remain outside their detection radius when you activate the skill. This method is especially useful for taking down lone tower watchmen and other isolated units that act as lookouts for the enemy.

That's all you need to know about how to silent kill in Last Train Home. For more guides, check out our full review and list of all statuses.

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