How to recover stamina in Last Train Home

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Stamina is another one of the most important resources in Last Train Home. While other resources keep your ammo reserves full or your train running, Stamina keeps your units ready for deployment. If you're not managing stamina properly, your run might actually be cut short. So today, we'll be checking out all the methods on how to recover Stamina in Last Train Home.

Various activities require various amounts of Stamina. Any squad deployment or movement and redirection will need your squad to have some Stamina. If you don't have Stamina, then your squad can't move, and you become sitting ducks with lots of negative statuses. Therefore, we'll go over all the ways to ensure healthy Stamina management and all emergency Stamina recovery methods.

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What is Stamina?

Stamina, also referred to as energy, is a value that tracks how rested or exhausted a unit is. All actions your units take outside of the train will cost you individual Stamina. Once your unit's Stamina is too low, they will no longer be available for deployment and can even get stranded away from the train. Going out to points of interests and completing the activities there will both cost Stamina. Similarly, embarking or deploying on a mission has a very high stamina cost associated with it as well.

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Luckily, you won't lose your units if their Stamina runs out while they're away from the train. They'll simply return with 0 Energy left. Let them have a well-deserved rest after all that hard work otherwise, they will develop negative status conditions and lose morale.

How to recover Stamina

There are two primary methods of recovering Stamina.

Rest in Infantry Car

This is the natural method of recovering Stamina. Allow your soldiers to rest in the Infantry Car or the Hospital Car, and they will naturally recover Stamina over time. There's no way to speed up this process, so it requires you to keep track of your soldiers' Stamina manually. Avoid sending out units with medium and low Stamina in squads and let them rest whenever they develop a status condition.

Stamina recovery food

The emergency method of Stamina recovery is to make use of food items that quickly restore it. These items can be costly, but they come in handy in a pinch. However, you'll have to unlock the kitchen car and get a cook to make those meals for you. Before that, the only Stamina recovery food you'll have access to are Stimulants. Stimulants will immediately fully restore a unit's Stamina, however, you run the risk of having them develop a crippling addiction. Use them wisely and in moderation.

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That's all you need to know about how to recover Stamina in Last Train Home. For more guides, learn how to silent kill and how all units work.

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