All Last Train Home points of interest

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The train and Legion management section of Last Train Home manages to be an extremely immersive and in-depth expedition through the war-torn countryside of Russia during the Civil War. On your way East, you'll require tons of resources for your Legion and garner support or face adversity from the locals. These interactions all take place through the Last Train Home Points of Interest system.

During the train management section, you get a top-down view of all your nearby surrounding areas. You can also see Points of Interest labelled on your map. It's crucial to understand what each Point of Interest does as this will let you manage and gather your most in-demand resources more efficiently. So today, we'll go over all Points of Interest in Last Train Home.

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What are Points of Interest in Last Train Home?

A Point of Interest is a location marked on your world map while you're travelling in the train. You can interact with these by assigning units to squads and sending them out to each Point of Interest. This is where their traits will come in handy and you can also gather a lot of XP from these expeditions. The Points of Interest themselves have a lot of variety.

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They vary from combat missions to gathering missions and other interactions that involve trading or helping out the locals. These interactions provide a lot of immersion in the locale and bring the area to life. Interacting with these on a frequent basis is crucial in gathering resources. For example, if you're low on wood you'll want to go to a Point of Interest with lots of wood available.

Your combat scenarios are also handled through the Point of Interest system as you get to ignore or partake in side missions that are displayed through this system. Note that not all Point of Interests are visible on the map and you can run into hidden ones while your squads are out and about.

All Points of Interest in Last Train Home

Mission: A POI with a playable mission, providing details about the mission difficulty, recommended squad size, and potential rewards.

Empty Village: A place where you can scavenge for resources. Deploying soldiers with specific traits can yield additional supplies.

Forest: Good for foraging food and possibly finding herbs when soldiers with certain traits are deployed.

Hunting Grounds: An area for hunting food, though success is not guaranteed. Using soldiers with hunter traits may improve the odds.

Timberland: A reliable source of wood for your train.

Lake: A fishing spot for extra food, where soldiers with certain traits could have better success. Food isn't always guaranteed unless you have those traits.

Station: A train station for trading with merchants, changing train composition, and possibly finding a doctor to heal or a pub to restore morale.

Depo Station: Sells cars and locomotives or buy more and add to your train.

Village with a Herbalist: A settlement with a merchant selling herbs and curative items for use in Medicine and Medkits.

Village with a Local Trader: A settlement with a merchant selling mainly consumables at good prices.

Village with a Contraband Dealer: A settlement where a merchant sells various consumables that are considered illegal.

An Arms Dealer: A settlement with an arms dealer selling lots of weapons and ammunition.

Obstruction: An obstruction on the railroad track that must be removed or rammed through to progress. We suggest removing it or putting a dummy car in front of your engine to prevent damage.

Those are all the Points of Interest in Last Train Home. With everything covered, you now know what to expect from the expedition ahead. Manage your Stamina carefully and level up your units to take full advantage of these points of interest.

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