How to level up units in Last Train Home

last train home promo art soldiers dancing around train in night

last train home promo art soldiers dancing around train in night

Last Train Home is an intense survival RTS game where you need to keep track of every resource to safeguard your brave Legion of soldiers. This means using every resource at your disposal to its maximum potential. Of course, your units also qualify as a resource on the battlefield, and you want them to operate at their maximum potential. Therefore, you're going to want to know how to quickly level up units in Last Train Home.

Levelling up units involves embarking on different types of missions and quests and gathering the required XP. Once you level up and get promotions, you unlock several different kinds of upgrades. These can range from stat level-ups to role diversification and new skills. So, let's take a look at how to level up in Last Train Home.

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How to level up units in Last Train Home?

Your units level up when they accumulate a certain amount of EXP for their combat role. What this means is that when your unit has different combat roles, they can level up for each combat role up to a maximum of five times. Every level up gives you a role point, to unlock new roles, or a stat point, which you can invest in the following stats:

  • FIT
  • DEX
  • INT
  • WILL
  • CHAR

You can upgrade each of these stats to a maximum of 10. So, if you're looking to quickly gather XP for combat roles, here are the three primary methods to do it.

last train home combat classes and roles up to level 5
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Complete Missions

The most straightforward method to gather XP is by completing missions. As you make your way East, you'll have to send squads into dangerous enemy camps and outposts for combat and to secure certain objectives. This puts them at risk of death, but it's also the most effective way of ensuring that each unit gets a significant amount of XP by the end of the mission. Completing side objectives during missions will also net you a lot of extra XP.

last train home end of a mission
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Promote Units

Promoting units is also a great method of getting XP. You can promote units by awarding them medals at the end of missions, and each medal gives them a level up for their active role. You get a few medals at the end of missions depending on how many side objectives you clear. While you're not getting XP directly, you're essentially levelling them up.

last train home promoted units
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Go to Point of Interests

Lastly, the quickest way to gather XP outside of combat is to send out your squads to points of interest. Points of interest that involve foraging, fishing or gathering are good sources of combat XP. They can be incredibly efficient for XP as they hold the least amount of risk, and you can pair units with positive traits for a point of interest for bonus XP. XP is generally only awarded to the most efficient unit in the squad, so keep that in mind.

last train home xp from point of interest
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That's all you need to know about how to level up in Last Train Home. For more guides, learn how to stealth kill and how all units work.

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