How to heal units in Last Train Home

last train home heal units and units shoveling snow off the train tracks to make way for train

last train home heal units and units shoveling snow off the train tracks to make way for train

Last Train Home can be a brutal survival experience as it's just you and your platoon against the harsh winters of Siberia, as well as the unyielding Red Army. You'll be getting into combat alterations quite often, and sometimes, your units might get into accidents or get sick. In these scenarios, losing a unit can be devastating for your progression. This is why you need to know all methods to heal units in Last Train Home.

Healing can be tricky as you need it both during combat missions and during downtime as your troops rest on the train. You need to be aware of all healing methods at your disposal during either situation and pick the best one. So today, we'll be taking a look at all methods of healing in Last Train Home.

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Last Train Home healing methods

Medic's Healing Skill

The primary method of healing while out and about on missions will be to make use of the Medic's heal skill. This requires you to have a medic on your team who has access to a First Aid Kit when you head out. Click on the medic and choose the skill from the bottom right of the screen. Then click on your injured unit, and the Medic will slowly patch them up.

Medical Station

While out on a mission, you'll sometimes run into Medical Stations as you explore the local area and take over the enemy camps. Medical Stations can only be used by one untreated soldier. Select your unit and click on the Medical Station to heal up quickly.

last train home heal at medical station
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Use Healing Items

The method is only available while your troops are on the train. You can use various healing items and food items and feed your injured soldiers to restore their HP. You can get a Kitchen Car that will prepare lots of delicious food items that can efficiently restore your unit's HP and morale.

Rest in Infantry Car

The Infantry Car that's meant for resting can also slowly recover your soldier's HP. Initially, the healing rate is quite slow at 1 HP unit per hour, but it can be increased with some upgrades. Keep it in mind, as it can allow you to save up on resources sometimes.

last train home heal upgrade in infantry car
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Rest in Hospital Car

While the Infantry Car makes for some makeshift healing, the Hospital Car is a specialized train Car that will heal units placed inside it much faster. They can even treat grave injuries and other serious injuries and illnesses a lot more quickly. Make sure to have Doctors that you can assign to the Hospital Car.

last train home hospital car healing
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Pay a Doctor

The quickest but most expensive method of healing all your units is to find a village doctor. As you make your way across Siberia, you'll often stop at various villages. While some villages only allow you to trade or have drinks, you can sometimes run into Village Doctors. For a price, these doctors will treat all injuries and heal all units on your train.

last train home pay a doctor to heal units
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That's all you need to know about how to heal units in Last Train Home. For more guides, learn how all train upgrades work and how to perform silent kills.

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