All unit roles in Last Train Home explained

last train home artwork with soldier holding rifle

last train home artwork with soldier holding rifle

Last Train Home is an RTS survival game set in Russia during the post-WW1 Civil War between the Bolsheviks and the Red Army. Your squadron is trying to return home to their new republic of Czechoslovakia. Your task is to lead your brave units back home. To do this, you need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of all units and their roles in Last Train Home.

There are different roles that your units need to be performing and you need specialized units for each one. For example, some units will be working primarily on the train while others will specialize in different areas of combat. Learning each role's purpose and progression will help you plan out how you want to spend your resources on them and which roles you need to prioritise. So let's look at all the Last Train Home roles.

All Last Train Home unit roles

There are a total of nine different units available in Last Train Home, with each role having five Levels. Each Level unlocks a new skill or passive.

last train home roles with levels
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The worker is both the most basic and one of the most essential roles in your squadron. The worker performs tasks such as stoking the Locomotive and helping in repairs and upgrades across the train. They gain Fitness and Will bonuses as they level up, and their Efficiency increases as well. Any unit with some basic Fitness qualifies as a worker.


The Cook relies on Charisma and Dexterity stats, and their only job is to cook and research new meals in the train's Kitchen Cart. The Cook's efficiency increases with higher levels.


Only units with high Intelligence can become Doctors. The role of a Doctor is to be assigned to the Doctor Cart, where they heal/treat ally units and help research and craft medical supplies. You'll definitely want a doctor as soon as you get your Medical Cart. The Doctor's efficiency increases with higher levels.


The Engineer role is for soldiers with high Intelligence and Willpower stats. The role of an Engineer deals with technical tasks such as driving the train, crafting new equipment and various train upgrades. You can't drive a train without your engineers. The Engineer's efficiency increases with higher levels.


Scouts are reconnaissance units that specialize in sniping from afar. Their job is to keep watch and pick off enemies from afar. Scouts rely on Dexterity and Willpower and unlock several abilities to boost their performance.


  • Recon (Level 1)
  • Stabilize (Level 1)
  • Distract (Level 2)
  • Critical Shot (Level 3)
  • Death Zone (Level 4)


  • Quick Feet (Level 2)
  • Camouflage (Level 3)
  • Ghost (Level 5)


The Rifleman is your basic DPS infantry unit, and they'll use Rifles for both long-range and close-quarters combat. They just require a Rifle and some basic fitness. The rifleman unlock many abilities and passives to help with combat.


  • Bayonet Charge (Level 1)
  • Stabilize (Level 1)


  • Quick Feet (Level 1)
  • Silent Steps (Level 2)
  • Focus (Level 3)
  • Low Profile (Level 4)
  • Lethal (Level 5)


The medic is your healer and one of the most important units to have and protect as they ensure that members of your squad stay alive during operations. The Medic relies on Intelligence and Charisma but also comes equipped with a Handgun for self-defence.


  • Heal (Level 1)
  • Stabilize (Level 1)
  • Sleep Flask (Level 4)


  • Head Down (Level 2)
  • Dangerous Mind (Level 2)
  • Inspire Caution (Level 3)
  • Reassuring Presence (Level 3)
  • Lifesaver (Level 5)


The Grenadier is your bombs specialist who can make use of grenades, mines and other explosives for some serious AoE damage. Wipe out dozens of enemies and vehicles in a single blast. Grenadiers rely on Fitness and Intelligence, and they become more resistant to explosions as they level up.


  • Stabilize (Level 1)
  • Grenade (Level 1)
  • Land Mine (Level 2)
  • Smoke Bomb (Level 3)


  • Dangerous Mind (Level 2)
  • Extra Padding (Level 4)
  • Unshakeable (Level 5)

Machine Gunner

Lastly, we have the heavy DPS unit, the Machine Gunner. The Machine Gunner is like a portable turret you can set up at a location to mow down and surpress hordes of enemies. They rely on Fitness and Dexterity and will make quick work of enemy units as long as you guard the flank.


  • Stabilize (Level 1)
  • Focus Fire (Level 1)
  • Suppressive Fire (Level 2)
  • Sprint (Level 3)


  • Controlled Burst (Level 2)
  • Recoil Control (Level 4)
  • Foreteller Level 5)

That concludes our list of all the units and their roles in Last Train Home. Now that you know what each unit does, you can start building balanced squadrons that can cover every area of expertise.

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