Is Ride 5 on Xbox?

Is Ride 5 on Xbox

Is Ride 5 on Xbox

If you’re looking to buy Milestone’s latest racing game, one question on your mind should be is Ride 5 on Xbox? Popularly known as the Gran Turismo for motorcycles, the Ride series of games getting a new installment is always something motorbike racing fans look forward to.

Milestone, the developer behind Ride 5, has made other titles like Hot Wheels Unleashed and MotoGP. In fact, most of their library consists of racing games, so you know they are well-versed in making titles in this genre.

But is Ride 5 on Xbox consoles? Let’s see if you will be able to play the motorcycle racing game on any of Microsoft’s gaming consoles.

Is Ride 5 on Xbox?

Yes, Ride 5 is available on both the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S. However, it is currently not available on the Xbox One.

Ride 5 is the first entry in the series that is solely on the current generation of gaming consoles. This is bound to happen with every game franchise since developing games for older systems can impact their overall quality and performance.

With Ride 5 looking graphically much improved from the previous title, it is understandable that there is not going to be an Xbox One version. If you have yet to upgrade to a Series X or Series S, you’ll have to settle with playing Ride 4 on the Xbox One for the time being. That being said, Ride 4 is still a really solid game.

Does Ride 5 have DLC?

Yes, Ride 5 currently has 2 DLC packs available – the Rebel Pack and the Far East Pack. Each of these packs will include additional motorbikes.

The Rebel pack comes with the Aprilia Tuono V4 E5 – Racing Modified (2021) and Yamaha YZF-R7 (2022) while the Far East pack includes the Kawasaki Z900 (2021) and Suzuki TL 1000 R Racing Modified (1998).

That will do it for Ride 5 being on Xbox consoles. For more on the racing game, feel free to check out the Ride 5 bike list. For more racing games, you may want to consider taking a look at The Crew Motorfest.

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