Intel 14th gen - release date, specs, price and more

Intel 14th gen - release date, specs, price and more processor on white background

Intel 14th gen - release date, specs, price and more processor on white background

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Intel is getting ready to unveil the latest generation of its predecessors, with some interesting performance upgrades across the board. Let's find out everything we know about the Intel 14th Gen.

With a host of performance improvements and less power consumption over its predecessor, the new Intel processor will definitely turn the heads of gamers and consumers alike.

In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the Intel 14th Gen, including its release date, specifications, price, and more.

Intel 14th Gen release date

Intel is planning to release the 14th Gen Meteor Lake processors in the fourth quarter of 2023, towards the end of the year.

The company has reported that its 4nm process is ready, with Meteor Lake being on track as planned. There is not long to wait until devices can make use of this new processor.

Intel 14th Gen specs rumours

As the successor of the Raptor Lake line of processors, launched last September, Meteor Lake will feature a chiplet design with disaggregated dies for computing, graphics, and I/O. It will be the first consumer CPU to do so.

With the desktop platform being cancelled, Meteor Lake is a mobile-centric platform that will improve both battery life and power efficiency for the best results on laptops and similar devices. The core architecture will also be upgraded to Redwood Cove (P-core) and Crestmont (E-core).

Intel 14th Gen price speculation

Intel has not released any information on the price. But we can definitely speculate, considering how prices have been gradually increasing from generation to generation.

We can expect the Intel 14th gen to be priced between 700-800$ for the more powerful variants of the processor.

Intel 14th Gen speculations recap

  • Intel 14th Gen predicted release date: Autumn 2023
  • Intel 14th Gen rumoured specs: Upgraded core architecture | disaggregated dies design for each separated task
  • Intel 14th Gen speculated price: 700-900 USD

And that covers everything about the upcoming Intel 14th generation of processors. For more information, check out our guide on which processor is better and information on the AMD Zen 5.

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