Infection Free Zone Console Commands

Players engaged in combat in Infection Free Zone
Credit: Jutsu Games

Players engaged in combat in Infection Free Zone
Credit: Jutsu Games

The Infection Free Zone console commands are important to know as they can transform how the game plays.

Even though the game is challenging, players have a special trick up their sleeves. There's a cheat menu in the game that lets Infection Free Zone players skip the hardest parts and move forward more easily. There are more than 50 different cheat codes available, so players have lots of choices to use these cheats to get an edge.

The cheat system adds an interesting twist, allowing players to personalize their game according to what they like and how skilled they are. Whether they want more of a challenge or an easier time, the cheat menu in Infection Free Zone lets players adjust the difficulty. In this guide, you will find all the available cheat codes you can use in the Infection Free Zone.

How to Activate Console Commands in Infection Free Zone

To activate the cheat console in Infection Free Zone, follow these steps:

  • Press the ` (back quote) key on your keyboard.
  • Click on ? (question mark) icon located in the bottom right corner of the console window.
  • Click on "Enable Cheats" from the options that appear.
  • Now you can enter any cheat commands you want.

Infection Free Zone Console Command Cheat List

Here is a comprehensive list of all the cheat codes available for use in the Infection Free Zone:

  • AdaptBuilding: Instantly transform buildings like factories or hospitals.
  • AddEventToPool: Start a special event like broadcasts or military activities.
  • AddMoodModifier: Instantly add mood boost.
  • AddResearchProgressPoints: Boost research progress by adding points.
  • AddResourcesToBuilding: Add resources like weapons or metal to buildings.
  • AddResourcesToHq: Add materials directly to HQ.
  • AddScientificMaterials: Provide scientific materials for research.
  • AddWeatherForecastPoints: Improve weather forecast predictions.
  • AddWorkersToHq: Place more workers at HQ.
  • ChangeLanguage: Change the in-game language.
  • ClearAllPlayerPrefs: Reset game settings.
  • CompleteActiveMissions: Automatically complete active missions.
  • CreateFarmland: Create a plot of land for food production.
  • CreateGate: Build defensive gates for bases.
  • CreateResourceCursor: Place resources on the ground.
  • CreateWall: Build various types of wall defenses.
  • DestroyResourceCursor: Remove the resource placement cursor.
  • EndMission: End any active mission.
  • HideFps: Hide the FPS counter.
  • KillAllGroups: Eliminate all groups on the field.
  • KillWorker: Eliminate a worker.
  • RemoveMoodModifier: Instantly removes the morale by percentage.
  • RemoveResourcesFromHq: Remove resources from HQ.
  • ReportBug: Open the bug reporting section.
  • SaveGame: Automatically save the game.
  • ScavengeAllBuildings: Explore all buildings for resources.
  • ScavengeAllExpeditions: Gather materials from all active expeditions.
  • SetHour: Change the in-game time.
  • SetLoggingLevel: Adjust the logging speed.
  • SetResolution: Change the game's resolution.
  • SetSoldierHq: Heal soldiers at HQ.
  • SetTimeSpeed: Adjust the game's time speed.
  • ShowAllGroups: Display all groups on the map.
  • ShowFPS: Show the FPS counter.
  • ShowVehicles: Display all vehicles on the map.
  • SpawnBigSquadAtCursor: Spawn a large squad at the cursor.
  • SpawnGroupAtCursor: Spawn a group at a particular location.
  • SpawnGroupInBuilding: Spawn a group in a building.
  • SpawnGroupsAtExpedition: Spawn a group on an expedition.
  • SpawnHordeAt: Place a horde of enemies in the current location.
  • SpawnImmigrants: Randomly spawn immigrants.
  • SpawnSquadAt: Place a squad at a particular location.
  • SpawnVehicle: Spawn a vehicle at the cursor.
  • SpawnVehicleGroupAtCursor: Spawn a group and vehicle at the cursor.
  • StartAction: Begin an in-game action.
  • StartEvent: Begin a special event.
  • StartMission: Instantly start missions.
  • StartTransmission: Receive a specific call.
  • StartWeatherFog: Create fog around the map.
  • UnlockAllExpeditionTiles: Unlock restricted areas.
  • UnlockContent: Unlock building recipes and resources.

Here are all the console commands cheat list for Infection Free Zone. For more stuff about the game, you can take a peep at How to Get Tools in Infection Free Zone.

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