How to Assign Weapons to Tower in Infection Free Zone

Infection Free Zone buildings
Credit: Screengrab via Jutsu Games

Infection Free Zone buildings
Credit: Screengrab via Jutsu Games

Want to know how to assign weapons to towers in Infection Free Zone? We've got everything you need to know

In Infection Free Zone, players need to make tough decisions about the placement of their weapons and workers to ensure that their headquarters are well-guarded in this dark world. Equipping towers with weapons is not merely about arming them; it also involves assigning weapons to workers to ensure their safety and the security of the base.

It is an excellent idea to load the residents and workers of these towers with weapons to arrange defenses to keep up with the growing complexities of the apocalypse. For those who are unsure about how to assign weapons to a tower, this guide will help you do it.

How to Assign Weapons to Towers in Infection Free Zone

In Infection Free Zone, towers are defensive structures where players assign workers to defend against infected hordes of zombies. The tower's army by default will use basic weapons to fight back the attacking enemies. However, the players can increase the defenses of their towers by giving the workers more advanced weapons like bows, pistols, machine guns, shotguns, and sniper rifles.

Thanks to these advanced weapons, the workers will be able to destroy the zombie crowds more effectively which, in turn, maintains the tower’s defense against the non-stop threats of the apocalypse. It's worth noting that these weapons are currently the only ones assigned to towers, yet they prove remarkably efficient in safeguarding the tower from harm.

To assign a weapon to a tower in Infection Free Zone, follow these steps:

  • Choose the weapon you want to use and click on it to put it in the HQ storage building.
  • Click on the tower where you want to equip the weapon.
  • From your warehouse, select the weapon you wish to assign to your tower.
  • Make sure the number of weapons matches the number of workers at your tower. If you have fewer weapons than workers, the game will warn you, and only one worker will get to use it.

If you've done everything correctly, a worker will go to the storage to pick up the weapons and bring them back to the tower, where they will now be equipped.

Nevertheless, It is important to note that in the Infection Free Zone, only one set of weapons can be used by all workers assigned to a tower at a time. For instance, if you assign a rifle to one worker, all workers at that tower will use rifles. Therefore, ensure that you assign a weapon available for all workers to use.

Here's all the information you need to assign weapons to your tower in the Infection Free Zone. With this knowledge, you can defend your headquarters more effectively against the continuous threats roaming around.

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