How To Zoom Out On TikTok?

How to zoom out on TikTok? - picture of TikTok logo
Credit: TikTok

How to zoom out on TikTok? - picture of TikTok logo
Credit: TikTok

Due to a recent steamy viral trend, may users are now wondering how to zoom out on TikTok. This trend somehow crosses the fragile line between Rated PG and NSFW, compelling users to zoom out and see a TikToker's full body shot in a video.

Aside from the zoom-out function, users are also asking how to get un-shadowbanned on TikTok. Getting shadowbanned can be a real hassle, especially if you're a content creator.

Now, read further if you're curious about TikTok's recent zoom-out trend and see what it is all about.

Can you really zoom in and zoom out on TikTok?

Yes, you can actually zoom in and out on TikTok but only if you're creating the video. If you're viewing a video, you can't zoom out or zoom in because any movement of your fingers will scroll the reel up and down.

The zoom-out trend came from numerous viral videos where the content creators emphasized that a raunchy 'full body view' awaits people once they zoomed in or out. This is a deceptive strategy to generate views and increase content virality.

In a way, you can consider the zoom-out trend as a prank. Hundreds of TikTokers were fooled by the prank due to innate curiosity.

How to actually zoom out on TikTok?

You can zoom out and zoom in on TikTok by modifying your device settings. Just keep in mind that the 'zoom-out' function is not offered by TikTok. Rather, it is a capability offered by your mobile device.

Here's how you can zoom out on Android:

  • Open device settings and choose Accessibility.
  • Choose 'Enable Magnification.'
  • Open your TikTok App.
  • Use the Magnification shortcut and pinch the screen to zoom in.

The zoom-out function is not just limited to TikTok. You can also use it for other apps in order to see more details and unclear texts.

Perhaps TikTok will introduce a legitimate zoom-out function someday. Right now, you can just rely on your mobile phone's zoom-out or magnification support.

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