How to unlock Hunter Vault chest in Enshrouded

unlock Enshrouded Hunter Vault chest - character firing arrows at an enemy

If you want to get your hands on some precious goodies, you'll have to open the chest. But sometimes, opening a chest is way more difficult than it might look. So if you've been struggling on how to unlock Hunter Vault chest in Enshrouded, keep reading as we have the solution.

Gamers have been captured by the survival theme of the game, with many wondering - among other things - how to get flint arrows and how to fghighf.

But if you want to unlock that Hunter Vault chest and get those sweet goodies, keep reading.

How to unlock Hunter Vault chest in Enshrouded

Once you dealt with the enemies outside the vault, head through the main doors and up the stairs, just between the two braziers. The chest will be in a locked door just to your left, and there's another locked door just in front, to your right.

Above the door you will see three symbols, these indicate the switches you will have to press in order to open the doors and get at the chest. But where are the switches?

Here are the three switches:

  • Find the first one to the right of the stairs. Since you can't reach it, just use an arrow and the second door will open.
  • Enter the door and find the second switch, use it.
  • Finally, the third one, which is definitely well hidden will be above the door you just came in, to enter the vault.

But how to get to the switch? You'll have to reach a grapple point, by using your glider, try to line up the jump precisely from the braziers, towards the door. There will be two climbable surface and you need to get to them to get up and finally interact with the switch. Now, open the chest and get your reward.

That's all you need on how to unlock Hunter Vault chest in Enshrouded. For more tips and tricks on the game, check out more guides on how to craft string and how to get resin.

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