How to Turn On and Enable Travel Mode for Meta Quest 3

Point of View of someone using the Quest 3's main screen during a flight
Credit: Meta

Point of View of someone using the Quest 3's main screen during a flight
Credit: Meta

Since the Apple Vision Pro launched, many people have been wanting to have a similar Flight Mode in their Quest 3 headsets. Fortunately, Meta has released an experimental version of the feature, but you'll need to know how to turn on Travel Mode in Meta Quest 3 first and foremost.

Considering the biggest pros in the Apple Vision Pro reviews include how business-focused the device is, it's no surprise that people have been requesting a Travel Mode for Quest 3. Now, with the feature coming to the latter device, the Quest 3 vs Apple Vision Pro debate will certainly get fiercer. However, if you've got a Quest 3, here's how to turn this feature on.

How to Turn On Travel Mode for Meta Quest 3

The Travel Mode for Meta Quest 3 is currently an experimental feature, meaning some users may not have it as part of their update like us. However, if you're lucky enough, here's how to turn it on:

  • Switch on your Meta Quest 3
  • Go to the Settings app
  • Open the Experimental Features tab
  • Switch the toggle on for Travel Mode
  • After that, the Travel Mode switch will be available in Quick Settings

The Travel Mode is tuned to account for the motion of a plane, meaning that using the mode will give users a stable and consistent experience in VR and passthrough. Occasionally, it will also be aware of when you're on a plane, and will automatically switch on in those situations.

If you've been waiting for this feature to arrive on Meta's latest headset, it will arguably make it one of the best VR headsets on the market. Considering how much the Apple Vision Pro costs, we'd argue it's a better investment. That being said, maybe the Apple Vision Pro cheaper model will change our minds...

That's how to turn on the Quest 3's Travel Mode. If you're hoping to enhance your VR experience with Meta's latest headset, make sure to check out the best Meta Quest 3 accessories for any products that may make your life even better.

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